Things&Ink’s Favourite Instagram Artists of the Moment

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Artists chosen by T&I editor Alice Snape, and T&I managing editor Keely Reichardt.

Here at Things&Ink magazine, Instagram is a constant source of tattoo inspiration and a hub for finding new artists… we can spend forever searching for artists, and looking at their back catalogue of work. So we’ve compiled this little round-up of some of our favourite artists who are capturing our attention at the moment!

1. Lauren Winzer, Sydney, Australia @laurenwinzer

“A firm Instagram favourite. And not just for her tattoos, but for her amazing style and life updates – she looks like she is always having fun. She even tattooed Miley Cyrus. We have life envy. Her tattoos are awesome too, she has a really different, interesting and cute style that just keeps on getting better.” —Alice

Lauren Winzer tattoo

Lauren Winzer

2. Greggletron @greggletron, Scapegoat Tattoo, Portland USA

“He’s just one of the many incredible talents that work out of Scapegoat in Portland (I would get tattooed by all of them). Greggltron uses such a beautiful palette of colours, reds, warm colours that have a wonderful vintage vibe – kind of traditional with his own twist. The girls he creates are stunning and their eyes are hypnotic.” —Alice



3. Alix Ge, France @alixge

“Alix Ge is someone I am saving the top of my arm for (this is a big deal for me, as I used to not want my arms tattooed at all)! I love the romantic expressions on her lady faces and the rosy coloured cheeks she gives them. Her style is really interesting in the way she mixes traditional Japanese with beautiful soft women’s faces who look like they have stepped straight out of a Jane Austen novel! —Keely



4. Araceli 4ever, London UK @araceli_4ever

“I have loved watching Araceli grow into her own style as a tattoo artist. I knew her before she started her apprenticeship and she has really come into her own, and created a style that is just hers. She is super-lovely and a beautiful person too.” —Alice

Araceli 2



5. Teide, Seven Doors Tattoo, London UK @teidetattoo

“Teide from Seven Doors in London is embracing an abstract take on traditional and almost formed a totally unique style of his own… not seen anyone else doing anything like this!” —Keely




6. Danielle Rose, Things&Ink The Illustration Issue cover star and traveling tattoo artist @DanielleRoseTattoo

“Danielle Rose was our cover star for ‘The Illustration Issue’ and has become one of the most sought after artists of the last 18 months. I have a Larry David portrait by her from 2013, which is still one of my favourite tattoos. She is particularly well known for her weeping lady faces who have all been characterised into different scenarios – the beekeeper, the punk rocker, even a Marie Antoinette lookalike!” —Keely



7. Aaron Hingston, The Grand Illusion, Melbourne Australia @aaron_hingston

“Aaron has a fairly traditional style but uses really beautiful soft pastel colours that soften the bold style. He also creates the most beautiful lady heads all with slightly sad expressions!” —Keely

Aaron Hingston



8. Just Jen, Edinburgh Scotland @justjentattoos

“Absolutely love her style, she is someone who I have wanted to get tattooed by for ages. Bold colour palette and strong traditional style, but lots of her subject matter has a softer twist. Some of her tattoos looks miniature too, which I love.”

JustJen Tattoo

Who are you favourite Instagram artists of the moment?


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