9 Inspirational Instagram Accounts To Get You Off Your Butt

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Although it feel likes Spring just started, summer is just around the corner, and if you’re like me, you may have a few Winter pounds to shed. Instagram is known as the foodie haven, but there are also some amazing accounts that inspire you to get off your butt and get active. And I’m not just talking about your regular old fitness account, although those are pretty awesome too. There are some creative and truly inspirational accounts on Instagram. Check it out!


1. @jumpstagram_official. This account features any type of creative jumping shots, whether it be from fitness, sports, dance, travel, or just plain old fun.



2. @patrickbeach. Patrick is a yoga instructor and he’s really into handstands. You just need to look at his account to see what we mean!



3. @mynameisjessamyn. Jessamyn is showing the world that bigger women can be fit and great at yoga too. She calls herself a yoga enthusiast and fat femme.



4. @eakinwale. Elisabeth Akinwale is an elite CrossFit athlete and she shows off amazing training photos in her account.



5. @bandanatraining. Rob Sulaver calls himself an on camera fitness brothority, sports nutritionist, and cuddler! His account has some great shots of his fitness regiment, and also some delicious, but healthy meals.



6. @alexhonnold. Alex Honnold is an avid rock climber and has some pretty epic climbing photos.



7. @gopro_athletes. GoPro athletes is exactly what it sounds like. Athletes that have captured amazing shots with their GoPros.



8. @yogogirls. This account is run by a few different members and they post beautiful and artistic yoga poses.



9. @tstunningspidey. Tyler Scott Hoover runs this account and he takes awesome photos doing Spider Man like poses in an actual spider man costume!



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