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Many people may typically think of old London town as grey, drab, and dreary… but it’s not all doom & gloom. Sure, it may occasionally rain in every direction and we’ve been confined to winter coats for the past 6 months – but on the whole our beloved London is a very vibrant, colourful and lively city – no matter the weather! Here are 10 of my fave snapshots of London in her delightful technicolour dreamcoat.

RED: The National Theatre on London’s picturesque Southbank built a temporary theatre to combat their 2013 renovations – they continue to house happy bums on seats in this not-so-pop-up red wooden theatre.



ORANGE: Orange Is The New Brick in Hackney Wick!



YELLOW: Regent’s Canal runs right through London and is a constant source of colour, birdlife and boats – a serene escape from the busy streets.



GREEN: There are plenty of spots where #naturescombover has taken control… this one in particular caught my eye.



LIGHT BLUE: Everyone loves a makeover. Old Street Station went from being dark & dingy to warm & welcoming in its retro blues.



DARK BLUE: This bee-autiful blue beauty stands tall in South London. Who can refuse some tea with a bee?



PURPLE: Watching the sun set over Millennium Bridge will never get old. I love London the most in these moments.



PINK: As a door enthusiast, I couldn’t resist these two #complementaryneighbours near Columbia Road Flower Market, oh and any excuse to use the hashtag #doorgasm…



MULTI-COLOURED: Look no further… Shoreditch has ALL THE COLOURS!



NEON: One of my favourite street artworks that’s been and gone on the ever-changing Village Underground wall in East London



This post was written by guest blogger, Zoe Caldwell. Zoe is a theatre producer & Instagrammer from Sydney and based in London. You can find more of her photos at: @zoecaldwell & her tweets here: @zoecaldwell


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