5 Great Mobile Photographers to Follow this Month

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INK361 and our long term wonderful partners over at @ampt are now featuring 5 great mobile photographers each month. If you have any suggestions for us, feel free to tweet or Instagram us!


Rob DePaolo @rdepaolo
‘My Own Worst Enemy’


This photo was created a short while ago when I was really starting to experiment with more composite work in my photography. The original two photos (no, I don’t have a smaller “twin”) were captured in my makeshift “studio” with PureShot. They were then edited separately in Filterstorm Neue (basic edits-exposure, contrast, B&W conversion, etc.). I then brought both photos into Superimpose to composite them together. After that, I brought the resulting single image back into Filterstorm Neue for final tweaks and polish. That makes it all sound really quick and easy, but in fact it took some time to properly mask the two images and place them together to create the sense of scale in the final photo. In theory, it is a simply process, but it just takes time and patience to make it work.


Michelle Robinson @michmutters


This is from a series about how people trap themselves by their own lies. I wanted to convey the idea that some people appear innocent but are not.

Shot with Procamera. Edited with Snapseed, Matter & Stackables.


Cedric Blancho @cedricblanchon


This photo is part of a series entitled “corporation” and tells how in the near future the technology (we all love) could govern our lives. Many influences are present in those pictures, Chris Marker, David Lynch, David Cronenberg, Steven Spielberg, you can see more on my website cedricblanchon.com. I hope to do even more!


Helen Breznik @helenbreznik

Made with Repix (http://repix.it)

Last summer I had the great opportunity to travel to Berlin. I took numerous images of the streets and buildings surrounding the East Side Gallery – a famous strip of the Berlin Wall painted with over 100 murals by artists from all around the world. I wanted to find a way to incorporate one of these street images with a self-portrait, so I started playing around with an app called Tiny Planets. This app takes your photo and wraps it into a spherical shape creating what looks like a “small planet”. In Juxtaposer I used the eraser tool to blend the two images together. Once blended, I took the image into Repix. This is a great app for adding painterly effects, and I often use the Drips Tool and Charcoal Tool.


Ade Santora @adesantora


If you look at the photos I create, you’ll see many portraits or self portraits have a surrealism concept. I don’t know why I love doing that, maybe because I just get bored with conventional portrait shots that show a beautiful face or body. That’s why I’m trying make the image of a face or human body look new – with unnatural features. Does this self portrait look scary, beautiful or weird? I do not know – I’ll let the viewer decide :)

Photo taken and edited with iphone4S.
Camera app: ProCamera. Postpro apps: Superimpose, Mextures, AfterFocus, Afterlight, Snapseed, TouchRetouch, PhotoPower.



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