10 Cities Where Rooftopping is Taking Off

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Rooftopping is not a new phenomenon, but it has definitely become more popular thanks to Instagram. Sky-high selfies, dangling feet shots, and photos of precarious hangs are common among these types of urban explorers. Here are 10 places where “rooftopping” is (probably) not slang for laying new shingles.


1. Hong Kong
Home of what was dubbed the “World’s Most Dangerous Selfie,”Hong Kong (while not technically a city) easily makes this list. Buildings continue to be built higher and higher to accommodate the region’s extreme population density, and, as a result, enticing would-be adventurers to climb them.

Photo on top of a Hong Kong skyscraper by @daniel_lau


2. London
“Rooftopping”is not just limited to roofs. Cranes, bridges and, in this case, a stadium’s arch all fall under the same umbrella.

Photo on top of Wembley Stadium by @thejameskingston


3. Kiev
Kiev is a hotspot made popular by MustangWanted’s death-defying videos on YouTube that have racked up millions of views.

Photo by @mustangwanted


4. Toronto
Toronto had more high-rises under construction than any other North American city for a couple of years. That leads to more cranes, and eventually, more roofs.

Photo by @roof_topper


5. New York City
The concrete jungle lives up to its name, and could overtake Toronto in terms of new high-rise construction this year.

Photo from above Times Square by @dead.shots


6. Chicago
While the windy city is renowned for its architecture, it’s quickly gaining popularity for the views from above as well.
Photo by @tat_ventures


7. Shanghai
There are now 43 million views on a video of two daredevils climbing Shanghai Tower, 650 meters in the sky. Most of us get sweaty palms just thinking about it.

7Photo in Shanghai by @reycanlasjr


8. Moscow
Anytime the topic of rooftopping comes up, Russian daredevils aren’t far behind. It’s only fitting that the country’s capital is a beacon for its height-seeking residents.

Photo by @a_remnev


9. Los Angeles
Construction spending in Los Angeles is the highest it’s ever been in 3 decades

Photo by @acer._


10. Jakarta
Seems like the scene in Jakarta is growing, thanks in part to the popularity of this resident rooftopper.

Photo by @arieffandy


This blog was written by guest blogger Eric Mark Do. He is a journalist and urban explorer based in Toronto, Canada. Urban exploration has given him a newfound appreciation for sights (and sites) that are inaccessible for most. Follow his adventures:

Instagram: @marcadoto
Twitter: @ericmarkdo
Website: ericmarkdo.com

Disclaimer: This is not intended as a guide to trespassing or rooftopping. Eric Mark Do and INK361 do not encourage or condone destructive, dangerous or illegal behaviour of any kind. Readers should be aware that many of these places are off limits to the public and located on private property.

Anyone who decides to attempt anything depicted here accepts responsibility for their own actions, which may result in injury, prosecution or even death. We accept no responsibility for those who decide to break the law. 


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