10 Stunning Photos by NatGeo Photojournalist: Michael Christopher Brown

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If you’re looking for culture capturing, creative, passionate photos, then Michael Christopher Brown’s Instagram is where it’s at. Each of his photos captures the beautiful or not so beautiful people, places and events, happening in small parts of the incredible places he travels to. Here are some of my favourites!


1. This photo was taken in Kingston, Jamaica.



2. Making us think about the quality of living in developing countries.



3. Different cultures and different traditions. ‘New years eve’



4. “Waja Zhoa Abibu is a 15 yr old musician. 1.5 yrs ago he began playing the guitar, which he made. Family killed by LRA in 2011 near the church.”



5. Taken in Central African Republic.



6. “They slashed him when he dropped salt into a river. if you refused to carry you were killed. The heaviest he carried was 70 kilos, 8-10 kilometres in heavy jungle…”



7. Taken in India, Uttar Pradesh.



8. “A Syrian Kurdish family drag their belongings into Turkey after crossing from Kobani, Syria, as U.S. and allied forces begin airstrikes on ISIS positions around Kobani.”



9. Capturing controversial debates and issues within society. Taken in Washington.



10. “Children play on defunct airplanes at the airport in Goma, a city located in the Democratic Republic of Congo.”



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