AMPt Presents: 5 Mobile Photographers to Follow This Month

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This month’s collaboration with our long term partners over at @AMPt features 5 amazing mobile photographers to follow. If you have any suggestions for us, feel free to tweet or Instagram us! 


1. Andrew Hays @andrewjhays
Title: ‘New View’
Device used: iPhone 6
Apps used: Cortex Cam, Snapseed, Touch Retouch, Pixlr, Superimpose.

This image was taken and edited with an iPhone 6. I captured the original image with Cortex Cam, then I opened the image in Snapseed to crop to square, flip the perspective and adjust the ambience, brightness and saturation. I then opened the new, cropped version in Touch Retouch to get rid of a few distracting elements. I then opened the new image in Pixlr to adjust the hue and saturation level of the picture, then saved it. The last step was to merge the two different colored versions in Superimpose. I’ve been spending a lot of time in a local children’s hospital due to my daughter’s medical condition. There are some interesting architectural features of the hospital that have caught my eye and I wanted to make a fun entry for one of Instagram’s WHPs (#WHPdoubletake). This is the resulting image.



2. Yener Toryn @cimkedi
Title: ‘Double Or Nothing’
Device used: iPhone 5c
Apps used: FrontView, Instagram.

This was taken and edited with my iPhone 5c. It is a facade of an elementary school building. I love the symmetrical shadows of the stairs here. This picture is just about being at the right place at the right time. And the colors are very rich too. I used FrontView and Instagram App. I edited perspective with FrontView to make the image straight. I adjusted brightness, contrast, saturation, sharpness with Instagram’s own tools.



3. Moksva @moksva
Device used:
iPhone 5
Apps used: Snapseed, SKRWT, PS Express.

I saw a friend had posted a photo in a cafe she was having lunch at, and right outside of the cafe window was this bright yellow and red wall. I immediately asked her for the location. This was shot with an iPhone 5. The model in the image is my 6 year old son. I rotated the image to give an illusion of him falling backwards. The weather was pretty hot when this was shot, resulting in a very clear and sharp image. So I did very minimal image tuning in Snapseed. SKRWT used to straighten the perspective and to rotate the image. And lastly PS Express – Reduce Noise feature to give the image a smooth effect.



4. Hux @huxsterized
Device used: iPhone 5
Apps used: SKRWT (Lens correction), Snapseed (I love “selective adjust” feature), PS Express (to reduce noise).

I received this wonderful umbrella from @shineonyoucraydiamond for her travelling umbrella project, so I thought I needed a colorful wall. A few Malaysia instagrammers are always suggesting awesome walls for me to check out. This particular one was suggested by @fiveruze. I love this wall! I shot the image with an iPhone5. I used SKRWT to straighten those lines and Snapseed to edit the colors, contrast etc…



5. Laylah @lajlah
Title: ‘Blue Permeation’
Device used: Samsung
Apps used: Snapseed, Instagram.

I chose this photo with very clean, bright, simple and modern architecture. So free through the blue open sky. This was taken with a Samsung and edited with Snapseed (crop, contrast and saturation for the windows) and the Instagram App (shadows and highlights). That’s my son on the photo, playing with his skate. The pic was not posed and was taken in our neighbourhood on the very usual way from the local bakery to our home. We just bought pretzels. As simple as that! Because of this pic I remember that very sunny day with a bright blue sky as something special.




This post was created by @sunflowerof21 on behalf of @ink361 & @AMPt partnership.


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