10 Reasons Your Next Holiday Should be Spent in Turks and Caicos

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Turks & Caicos is made up of 40 islands and cays, 8 of which are inhabited. These islands are located just below the Bahamas chain. Providenciales is one the most visited with an endless amount of beauty and nature to explore within the island’s cultures, people and beautiful beaches. While there are many resorts on the island I do suggest you do a little exploring and partake in the local cuisine & music at the weekly fish-fry every Thursday evening. See below a list of 10 great sites on this island!

1. Beach Chairs: There is nothing like having a relaxing day on the beach, feeling the sand between your toes.



2. Sunset: Chalk Sound sunsets are something to see. The famous Taylor Bay Beach is perfect for an evening sunset anytime of the week, weather permitting.



3. Beach Brush: A very strong island experience with the beauty of the beaches and its natural vegetation.



4. Symmetry: A broken dock a long Grace Bay beach where you can walk out and get some great photos of the horizon and the aqua blue water.



5. The Hole: A tourist attraction called ‘The Hole’ is a natural hole in the ground off of Leeward Highway.



6. Wet Dreams: Locals love their private beaches, which you can only get to by ATV or boat.



7. Conch Shack: North Caicos is one of the 40 islands. It’s very big but has little population. It definitely should be on your bucket list for great food and a beautiful drive.



8. Mudjin Harbor: Located in Middle Caicos, Mudjin Harbor is a huge tourist attraction where you can have lunch on the cliff while having a spectacular view



9. Views: On top of Mudjin Harbor’s cliff.



10. Tours: These tour boats can take you out on the water for a good time with good music and good drinks along the Grace Bay beaches.



This guest post was written by Brandyn Murray.

“Hello everyone, I’m a photographer from a small island in the Caribbean, Grand Cayman. My name is Brandyn Murray and go by the name @Murray.photo on Instagram. I currently go to school in Illinios but love to travel to my family that are scattered around the world. Being an islander I take every opportunity to explore new places.”


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