13 Epic GoPro Shots on Instagram

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Once known for taking amazing video footage of sports and fun activities, the GoPro is now also known for taking pretty epic and high quality photos. Many of the photos shared on Instagram are just stunning. From travel photos, to extreme sports, to animal close ups, the @GoPro Instagram account is a must follow. Check out some of our favorite images!

Cover photo by @thegood_life.

1. @jump_junkie – Sky diving in Arizona.1-jump_junkie-arizona

2. @mishavladimirskiy – Electric Daisy Carnival in Las Vegas.2-mishavladimirskiy-edcvegas

3. @kirbychambliss – Red Bull Air Race.3-kirbychambliss-redbullairrace

4. @sf_photos_hawaii – Surfing on the North Shore of Oahu.4-sf_photos_hawaii-northshoreOahu

5. @travisburkephotography – The Wave, Arizona.5-travisburkephotography

6. @lionwhisperersa – Kevin Richardson aka The Lion Whisperer.6-lionwhisperersa

7. @ericmathews – Summertime fun in the pool!7-ericmathews

8. @buraktuzer – Paragliding in Ölüdeniz, Turkey.8-buraktuzer-Ölüdeniz

9. @seanruddiman – Secret beach in Mexico.9-seanruddiman-mexico

10. @ab_roo – Great White Shark in Australia.10-ab_roo-GreatWhiteAustralia

11. @shoayb_khattab – Camels running on a track in United Arab Emirates.11-shoayb_khattab-UAE

12. @tomorrowland – The largest electronic music festival in the world, held in Belgium.12-tomorrowland

13. @trev4president – Paddleboarding with a best friend.13-trev4president


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