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Let me start off by distinguishing between minimalism as an aesthetic and minimalism as a philosophy of living. Minimalism as a lifestyle has been inspiring the millennials to de-clutter and live a simpler life. There are many interpretations of the word minimal – living with as less as possible, living a lifestyle that stems from your ethics, living in consideration to planets resources, picking quality over quantity, valuing experiences over things, … Here is a definition that is my favorite way to interpret the word: creating an environment around yourself that gives you silence, inside and outside. Or living a life where we only take the needed from Mother Nature in terms of objects. My favorite quote:

“Minimalism is not defined by what is not there but by the rightness of what is and the richness with which this is experienced.”
– John Pawson

Let me present a few Instagrammers who are making their mark with their lifestyle and advocacy.

1. Coco, @LightbyCoco
Coco is a YouTube minimalism star. This Dutch girl currently lives with her husband in California. She shares her tips for capsule dressing, de-cluttering physically and mentally, hobbies that don’t require things, packing light for travel and simple living.


2. Bea Johnson, @ZeroWasteHome

Minimalism is something families with young children can achieve too. Mademoiselle Bea Johnson and her family can pack up all of their belongings in one carry on each. She is a zero waste guru of sort. Her family travels to in a different country every year for a few months. She shows how they make it possible by living a simple life and renting their home for when they are gone.


3. Ariana Swartz, @ParisToGo

Ariana is a sustainability major from Cleveland, who ended up moving to Paris with her German husband. She advocates pleasures of her 20 piece second hand designer wardrobe, Paris, gluten free recipes, travel and living a zero waste lifestyle.


4. Erin Boyle, @ReadTeaLeaves

Small is the new black. Erin does it with style. She is a writer living in New York City. She writes a series called ‘life in a tiny apartment’ about ways she employs to make her 350 sft apartment, home.


5. Caroline Joy, Unfancy @caroline_joy
Caroline is a photographer by profession and a Capsule Wardrobe guru in her off time. She shows how she dresses with 33 pieces in her wardrobe every season. Anyone looking to downsize their closets can greatly benefit from her planning process.


6. Lauren, @TrashIsForTossers

These Environment science majors are on to something when they say we don’t need a lot to live a good life. Lauren, firstly is drop dead gorgeous. It’s a pleasure watching this spirited women campaigning for a cleaner world to live in. Kudos to her for going on extended road trips and not leaving behind a trail of disposable waste.


This blog post was written by guest blogger Archana Paladugu. “I am a PhD student and I teach Computer Science at Arizona State University. My field of work is image interpretation using Artificial Intelligence. My interests include photography, optics, human-computer interface design and computer science. I blog about my travels, my quest for simplicity and sustainability.”
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