8 Tips On How To Create The Perfect Instagram Photo

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What makes the perfect Instagram photo? Well, surely you’ve got to start with a great photo. But there’s more to it. Below are tips that will not only help you improve your photos but also ensure that your Instagram is perfect in every aspect.

1. Tag it up
If the perfect Instagram photo means a lot of likes, then get your hashtag on. And do it like Justin and Jimmy did. Hashtag till you can’t anymore!

The max for each post is 30. While there are hashtags that are general and often aren’t related to the photo you’re posting (e.g., #instadaily and #follow4follow), there are a lot that are more specific. The benefit to these types of tags are that your photo won’t disappear as quickly in the hashtag’s feed, and you’ll have the opportunity to connect with like-minded Instagrammers.

Here are a few of my favorites:


7-tips-perfect-instagram09For more, check out #HashtagsInPoems.

2. Use leading lines.
These are great for drawing the viewer into your photo, and they can be found almost everywhere. On the street, in the woods, hallways, looking up at building, etc.
7-tips-perfect-instagram10 7-tips-perfect-instagram11

3. Fix the lines.
Ever notice how the buildings seem to be leaning towards the center or backwards when you take a photo of them? That’s what happens when you point the phone upwards, and it becomes even more exaggerated the higher up you point. An app like SKRWT can fix that and have your buildings standing upright in no time.
7-tips-perfect-instagram12 7-tips-perfect-instagram13

4. Remove unwanted things.
The best time to remove distractions is before you take a photo. But, if you forgot or weren’t able to, you can use apps to do this. The one that I use is TouchRetouch. The photo below shows the removal of clouds but think about removing debris from a street scene or a bird from a sunset.


Paint over the clouds and press the start button to remove them. Sometimes, removing a little at a time works better than a huge chunk.


5. Be minimal.
It may be helpful to think about your photo in term’s of the Instagram feed. If it’s too busy, it may be passed up. Having a clear subject and a lot of blank space may not only emphasize your subject but your photo will stand out among the loads of others on Instagram.
7-tips-perfect-instagram17 7-tips-perfect-instagram18

6. Change your point of view.
Try to think of ways you can change your perspective. This can often make a photo stand out from others that have been taken in the same location.

Get low.

Get up close for a lookup; the closer you get, the more extreme the perspective.

Get a birds-eye view.

7. Craft the caption for engagement.
Similar to the first tip, this one doesn’t directly deal with the photo. But we’re talking about Instagram here. So the perfect Instagram means creating a caption that encourages the community to interact with you. Whether you’re asking your followers to tag someone or answer a question, spend some time here to make sure there’s an opportunity for engagement. Here are some ideas to get you started:

Double tap if you…
Tag someone who…
Ask a question
Ask your followers to create the caption! (Lol)

8. Use someone else’s photo.
Sometimes the perfect gram doesn’t have to be a photo you’ve taken yourself. Think about all the reposts you’ve seen. Or how about those quotes overlaid on top of a stock photo?

There are apps for that. Wordswag (cough).

But, if you’re not into reposting or quotestagrams and want to edit a photo, you can get in on a free-for-all (FFA).

Hold up, what’s an FFA?
It’s when a collection of photos is shared and whoever chooses to edit and post the photo would use the hashtag associated with the FFA. You can find a handful of Instagrammers hosting their own FFA, but there are also accounts dedicated to this.

Here are a few:

Participating in an FFA can sometimes get your photo reposted as a feature and will also get your work noticed by a very specific subset of Instagrammers.

This post was written by Andre Nguyen. Andre is an iPhonegrapher from New Orleans, LA. After purchasing his first iPhone, the 5S, there was no turning back for him. The iPhone has become his goto tool to capture the beauty in everyday life. He loves to write haiku, stare into automotive eyes, and have sunsets for breakfast. You can connect with Andre on Instagram @andreharrison.


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