AMPt Presents: 4 Mobile Photographers to Follow This Month

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This month’s collaboration with our long term partners over at @AMPt features 4 amazing mobile photographers to follow. If you have any suggestions for us, feel free to tweet or Instagram us!

1. @g_wah
Graeme Roy
Device: iPhone5s
Apps: Hipstamatic

A very straightforward process for this photo, shot with Hipstamatic (John S/AO DLX/flash off).  I cropped the film edges off as I often do with this film; I love the tonal quality of it but I don’t always want the fake film rebate.  It is a pretty typical style of photo for me, a high contrast situation with some good lines and a person for the human element.



2. @jl_saez
José-Luis Sáez
Title: “something deep down in my soul”
Device: iPhone 4 (yes, no mistake, iPhone 4 without S was my mobile device till half a year ago, now it’s iPhone 6+)
Apps: SquareReady, Filterstorm, Photoforge2

I love the result on this image, it reminds me a lot of that old good b&w films, scenes of mystery and drama. The background is a detail of a long horizontal window, rotated 90 degrees with SquareReady, as if it was vertical. Then to Filterstorm to increase contrast and darken areas out of the window. Then to Photoforge2 to superimpose a photo of my little kid, angry or upset, then Sin City filter. End.



3. @wellettas
Elizabeth Spence
Device: iPhone 5
Apps: Hipstamatic, Snapseed

This is a photo of my son, shot with Hipstamatic (Black Keys Ultrachrome B&W film and Jane lens). I moved it to Snapseed for some further brightening, vignetting and cropping, then finished off with about 10% Inkwell Instagram filter.



4. @nazaret
Nazaret Sánchez
Device: iPhone 5
Apps: Snapseed, Noir, PS Express

This image was taken in a swimming pool with iPhone 5 native camera (HDR option for better resolution) and most importantly, a waterproof case. It was not easy to get a good image in the water, mainly because the quality was very bad. After many attempts, I was surprised by the final quality and perfect composition of the image. The bubbles added as a complement.

To edit the image first I cropped it to 1:1 with Snapseed, then I used the Noir app to edit in b&w. I like this app to make the gradient. I used Snapseed again – selective adjust option this time to edit contrast and light in some parts of the image. Lastly, I used the PS Express app for a little noise reduction and detail for a better finish.


This post was created by @sunflowerof21 on behalf of @ink361 & @AMPt partnership.


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