NASA Shares The Most Incredible Photo of Pluto

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NASA debuted its first ever surface image of Pluto yesterday on Instagram, giving the Instagram audience the first look for an entire hour before being released to the major news channels. The photo was taken by NASA’s new aircraft, New Horizons. It is said that NASA will be releasing more images of Pluto at 10 times the resolution of this first one.

The caption of the photo was:
Gorgeous Pluto! The dwarf planet has sent a love note back to Earth via our New Horizons spacecraft, which has traveled more than 9 years and 3+ billion miles. This is the last and most detailed image of Pluto sent to Earth before the moment of closest approach, which was at 7:49 a.m. EDT Tuesday – about 7,750 miles above the surface — roughly the same distance from New York to Mumbai, India – making it the first-ever space mission to explore a world so far from Earth. This stunning image of the dwarf planet was captured from New Horizons at about 4 p.m. EDT on July 13, about 16 hours before the moment of closest approach. The spacecraft was 476,000 miles (766,000 kilometers) from the surface. Images from closest approach are expected to be released on Wednesday, July 15. Image Credit: NASA #nasa #pluto #plutoflyby #newhorizons#solarsystem #nasabeyond #science




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