Photogenic Dogs Strike A Pose To Help Their Shelter Friends

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Those that have black rescue dogs may find it hard to believe that there is a problem in shelters called “black dog syndrome.” It is a phenomenon in which light colored dogs are favored over black/dark colored dogs, causing black dogs to be passed over for adoption. Because of that, black dogs are also euthanized at a higher rate than other dogs. There are a number of possible reasons for this — old superstitions, the color black being portrayed as “evil” in movies, or just the simple fact that they are just harder to photograph and stand out in their kennels at the shelter.

Instagram has been a great and positive place to help with this syndrome though. It’s allowed people to showcase adorable photos of black dogs and prove that they are just as great and wonderful as other dogs. There are even accounts that specifically promote black dog accounts to follow! See some of my favorites.

1. @motivationaldog – Helping out around the house? What a good boy :)motivationaldog


2. @lunathetoona – I didn’t even know tongues could be cute.lunathetoona


3. @hugoandhades – Cute and smart? The whole package!hugoandhades


4. @bordercolliejake – One ear up and one ear down is the best.bordercolliejake


5. @ollietheborador – Actually, these huge bat ears are pretty awesome too…


6. @lily_leo_lia – Wait, floppy and lopsided ears? Now I just want them all!


7. @littlenouki – Could you ever say no to this face?


8. @maggieonabreak – Or this one?


9. @mikahuskylunalab – Raise your paw if this photo made you smile :)


10. @griffy_wiffy – Still smiling!


11. @riley_thedog – Focus. Determination. Skills. This pup has it all.


12. @bearfrombama – Patience is a virtue … also, that’s a pretty cool jacket he’s got on.


13. @threesillypits – In the end, it really doesn’t matter if you’re black or white. Beggars come in all colors.


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