11 Reasons You Should Join an InstaMeet

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In a world where likes, selfies and hashtags consume us, we forget that the true power of social media comes from its ability to cultivate relationships and art in real life. Instagram helps us to do this through coordinated meetups called “InstaMeets,” where lovers of photography and photo processing shoot, edit and work together to create digital masterpieces to be published on the social network. Get inspired by the InstaMeet culture and creatives with our top 11 photos from InstaMeets:
(Cover photo by @instameetlahore)

1. #MyInstaMeet_Charsoo by @McSaeid
As the #WeLevitate trend gains in popularity, InstaMeeters are showing their lifted spirits.


2. #InstaMeetBankside by @edwardkb
UK-based InstaMeeters play with reflections and silhouettes on a rainy day.


3. #InstaMeetTaiwan by @guosianlong
Purple haze doesn’t even begin to explain it with this experimental smoke shot.


4. #Mashmeet by @rapidandi
A retrospective shot in New York’s #Mashmeet inspires with a contrast between motion and stills.


5. #InstaMeetKC by @stormy56KC
Even in Kansas City, InstaMeets are bringing the beauty of the town alive with panoramic shots.


6. #InstaMeetBali by @wisnusrya
Cool tones and a light filter give this #InstaMeetBali shot a serene and reflective mood.


7. #InstaMeetshanghai by @yuztoday0124
Catching a flight just got a little more literal with this #InstaMeetshanghai shot.


8. #WWIM11_Floripa by @NicDaros
Photoception as Nicolas Daros captures a photo of a quaint doorway being captured.


9. #OTDUMeet by @rrrroza
A sea of flowers captured for #OTDUMeet make alone time seem all the more desirable.


10. #Meet_HelpMe by @Everson
This monochromatic action shot gives a peek behind the scenes of an InstaMeet workshop.


11. #Empty_Opera by @anita_gimpel
Anita Gimpelson perfectly captures a lady in red during this #Empty_Opera meet.


This post was written by guest contributor Amber Kazalbash. Amber is a social media marketer and personal style blogger from Southern California. Aside from shooting fashion and photography for her blog My Eyes Are Hungry, Amber loves lip syncing to rap music on Snapchat. Follow Amber @libertydenied and read her blog.


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