Top 15 Yogi Accounts to Follow on Instagram

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Breathe in the good stuff exhale with a chuckle.  Let us twist and bend our way through the top yoga accounts on Instagram to follow.  They will have you doing yoga as you view each of their poses, twisting your neck trying to figure out how they can contort in such magnificent asanas. These Omtastic yogis are more then just the zen of life they are the inspiration of life that keeps so many practicing this beautiful practice and inspiring others to take part.  Even if you are not a yogi you will be inspired by their beautiful words and pictures for every day life.


1. Dylan @dylanwerneryogaDylan looks to bring awareness through motion and balance, to find strength in flexibility and bring union between the body and soul. His style is fun, energetic and challenging.



2. Cuchira @cuchiraThis fearless, beautiful and  groovy lady came up with this brilliant practice called Yogance and travels around teaching classes and shining her light so bright for others to join and see the way.2-cuchira

3. Kerri @beachyogagirlKerri Verna has been a fitness instructor for over 10 years and has taught Pilates, Kickboxing, Tai Chi, and Yoga. So many people find inspiration, encouragement, and wisdom through Kerri’s photos and words. She understands the everyday person who struggles with fitness because, until the age of 28, she had never worked out a day in her life. Her love for Yoga started when she became pregnant with her first child 9 years ago and couldn’t do high impact fitness classes anymore.



4. Kino @kinoyogaKino is dedicated to carrying the torch of Ashtanga yoga all over the world and sharing the amazing tradition of Ashtanga yoga with everyone who is inspired to practice.



5. Karissa @thegivingmomShe post photos of her family, yoga practice, and thoughts on meditation, mindfulness and critical thinking. Yoga and mindfulness helped Karissa centre her self, enabling her to give herself time she needed, while giving all to her family and children.



6. Rebekah @rebekahletchBeautiful person inside and out she radiates beauty of life and herself in every picture.  A NYC based dancer, yogi and globetrotter you do not want to miss her beautiful posts every day.



7. Patrick @patrickbeachPatrick’s yoga journey started in a very simple manor practicing poses his mom learned in class on the kitchen floor. His dad encouraged him to start taking public classes by challenging him to learn how to do a handstand.



8. Rachel @yoga_girlRachel Brathen is a world renown yoga instructor known for her inspirational teachings both on land and water.



9. Melini @meliniseriAn Ashtangi yogi in NYC her photos speak a 1000 words.



10. Mike @mike.aidalaNYC- Personal Trainer Yoga Instructor inspiring the world of mens yoga with his amazing posts and pictures – “Flow happens when you are totally in the zone. Minutes turn into hours of energized focus, complete connection and pleasure in the present moment.” – Mike.



11. Tina @tinabockTina is an International Ashtanga-based yoga instructor, Song singer, Jet Setter in the middle east and co-founder of Bodhi Yoga Academy.



12. Maggie Yun @_MAGG_PIE_Beautiful inspiring photos that take your breath away with words to match



13. Kathy @kathy0805A ballerina a yogi a handstand lover that posts pictures and poses that makes you realise impossible stands for Im possible.



14. Laura @laurasykoraAn adorable mom and daughter duo that will make your heart blossom and believe in fairytales, magic and the beauty of life.



15. Talia @talia_sutraShe will make you want to enjoy the great outdoors. Her account is particularly great for vegans as she herself eats a vegan diet and often shares tips for great recipes.




This blog post was written by guest blogger, Rhyanna Watson.

“I am a Tassie Devil, born in Hobart, Tasmania, Australia. I learnt health and fitness from the beginning of life with my father a food and exercise lover. I guess you could say I was born to love health and fitness with my genes and my up bringing. I started walking at 9 months and never stopped moving from there. I competed in state, national and international levels in sports such as running, swimming and waterpolo. I am a Personal Trainer who has run her own business in Australia, Austria, Saudi Arabia and online. Worked on a 6 star cruise ship as the personal trainer, fitness instructor, yoga teacher, health and well-being consultant, gym manager and detox and diet expert. I was also lucky enough to train French and Belgium professional golfers on the European Circuit for one year to help them improve their flexibility, strength and endurance. In March 2013 I had a baby girl, Laine. She is a wonderful blessing and gift to my life. For the first time in my life I had the challenge of not just staying fit but getting fit.”

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