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After regaining my fitness from having a baby myself I realise how important it is to have people shinning their light so we can see the way too. I love following moms who have a family and keep healthy too. And while there’s nothing wrong with mindlessly perusing pictures of fashioned, holidays, and sunsets: Why not search for something a little more useful during that time? Thanks to 1000s of wellbeing enthusiasts we can have major motivation to hit the gym, mat, or trails at the tap of our fingertips and also amazing stories of over coming obstacles too.

To give that extra motivation you need to reach your fitness goals. Start here, and you’ll be sure to discover many more:

1. @ashley.horner
Ashley Horner is a dedicated mom and is also dedicated to her health. Looking at her now you would never know it hasn’t always been easy for Ashley. After children, she realized she would have to help herself recover from three c-sections and stretch marks from her pregnancies, something many women deal with. Through her journey, Ashley has learned to not only embrace her body but transformed it into what you see today while creating and branding her presence in the fitness industry. She is a light in the fitness industry with her incredible empowerment of loving yourself and making the best of who you are!1-ashley.horner

2. @fitandfunky
She is the modifier in Shaun T’s program INSANITY MAX 30, the INSANITY Format Expert for Beachbody, a 2012 Top 10 Elite Beachbody Coach, an Asylum Volume 2 Cast Member, and INSANITY Master Trainer, a Nike Training Club Trainer, a Healthy Housewives Cast member, but most importantly she is the mother of 2 beautiful and talented little girls. She believes that fitness is a lifestyle and that anyone and everyone has the ability and talent to live their life the healthiest and most invigorating way possible. Danielle wants to show you that YOU matter, and that life begins with the decision to start to change. Let her help you through that journey.



3. @Busymomgetsfit
Valerie Solomon is “Busy Mom Gets Fit” and Co-Creator & Editor of GORGO Women’s Fitness Magazine. She is a busy mom of 4 boys. Living fit, despite her crazy life. It is her passion to help other women learn to strength train and to take charge of their own health and fitness while modeling that behavior for their families.
She has set up resources for you to help you along your fitness journey:
1. 12 Week Strength Training Plans
2. Busy Mom Gets Fit Diet (coming soon)
3. GORGO Women’s Fitness Magazine



4. @diaryofafitmommyofficial
Sia Alexis, a twenty something year old from Southern Mississippi. Currently living off the sunny coast of Florida and couldn’t dream of a better place to be!
She has a huge passion for working out and eating well, and those endorphins have gotten her through a lot of hard times. However, she has not always been so healthy. At a young age, she suffered from disordered eating which left her yo-yo dieting for years until she reached 150lbs-her heaviest weight for her petite 5 foot 3 inch frame. She binged on junk foods and didn’t think twice about her health… until her clothes stopped fitting. She discovered clean eating and taught herself new recipes and ways to get fit…and then lost 45lbs.4-diaryofafitmommyofficial


5. @abbykate10
Abby Bishop is an Australian professional basketballforward/center who plays for the Seattle Storm of the WNBA. She is a member of the Australia women’s national basketball team and won a gold medal during the 2007 Oceania World Qualifications series. In August 2013, Bishop took custody of her two-day-old niece, Zala Kate Bishop. She is currently still playing elite basketball and travelling the world with Zala as her biggest fan and cheerleader.  It has not been an easy journey for Abby, one that she battles every step of the way to gain support to travel as an elite woman’s basketball player with a daughter in toe.  A true every day hero not just saving another’s live, her daughters Zala; but also saving her own as she battles the hurdles or every day motherhood and keeping her dream alive.



6. @alexajeanfitness
Her journey started in 2012, when she was pregnant with her little one. She didn’t know the first thing about getting into shape or how to do it in a healthy way, after all, she only had herself to think about. So, she started taking “personal training” courses at her gym to stay healthy during her pregnancy. After a few months of paying a lot of money for hour-long sessions that consisted of stretching, some crunches and mostly cardio, she was done. She started researching, took some health and fitness courses and signed up to take my NASM exam. The rest is history. Now, Alexa is in the best shape of her life and after being pregnant. As a young mommy, she knows how hard it can be to get motivated and squeeze in time for a workout each day. Every workout program Alexa created is designed to target specific muscle groups in an innovative way allowing people with busy lives the opportunity to achieve their best body.



7. @rhyannawatson
In March 2013 she had a baby girl Laine. For the first time in her life she had the challenge of not just staying fit but getting fit. Rhyanna has worked on a 6 star cruise ship, been an international runner and national water polo player.  She is a qualified personal trainer and yoga instructor. Her journey of motherhood began in Austria where she could not understood the language and had to learn about motherhood alone without the support of her family and friends near by, whilst trying to regain her fitness. Since having her daughter she has lived in three different countries and 5 different homes. Rhyanna believes Life is not about the destination it is about the journey and enjoying the ride. Rhyanna provides words of motivation that keep you going even when you think you can’t, free workouts, nutrition suggestions and the realization that you do not have to be anyone but yourself to make your dreams come true (no matter your circumstance) because where your mind goes your body follows.



8. @jamieeasonmiddleton
Jamie Middleton (Eason) is one of the most recognized faces in the fitness industry, as spokesmodel for industry giant, She holds several fitness titles, most notably Hardbody Entertainment’s World’s Fittest Model, and has appeared in hundreds of magazine layouts. Jamie has a bachelor’s degree in communication and writes a syndicated blog for Lifetime’s, “The Balancing Act”.7-jamieeasonmiddleton


9. @nataliehodson1
Natalie is a mom of two young children, and she loves sharing her personal recipes, workout routines, and encouraging others to make healthy decisions. On her blog she shares meals and recipes that her whole family will eat (Clean Eating Beef and Barley Soup is her husband’s favorite), tips for eating healthy, and ideas for exercising with a busy work schedule. She also put up blog posts like, “Embracing my Body Changes”, “My First Workout After Baby Was Born”, and “Stretched Skin After Pregnancy #ownit” where Natalie opens up and talks about the struggles she has faced throughout her weight loss journey, what makes her feel vulnerable, and how she has pushed through her own challenges and insecurities to keep on with a healthy lifestyle.



10. @doughyphysique (cover photo credit)
This playful yogi makes yoga; fitness and being a mom look so graceful and beautiful. She shines her light from inside out and shares the beauty of motherhood along the way.  She shows motherhood not as a struggle but as a beautiful addition to ones life that opens up the doors to sharing health and fitness with her family.  What I love most is she is real and beauty in all her photos.   This playful yogi posts beautiful pictures and videos with great ideas on how to workout with your little one too.



This blog post was written by guest blogger, Rhyanna Watson.
“I am a Tassie Devil, born in Hobart, Tasmania, Australia. I learnt health and fitness from the beginning of life with my father a food and exercise lover. I guess you could say I was born to love health and fitness with my genes and my up bringing. I started walking at 9 months and never stopped moving from there.”

Follow her accounts here:



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