5 Easy Steps to Market Your Etsy Shop on Instagram

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Hands down, Instagram is my favorite way to market my Etsy shop, Catshy Crafts. Yes, newsletters, blogs, Facebook posts, tweets and pins are well and good, but for this avid photog, clicking a photo, playing with filters and composing a short description is way easier than writing a blog post.

But of course, like any form of social media there is an art to using Instagram. Don’t just share any random photos. Be strategic about what you post.

Here are my 5 easy steps to get your Etsy shop noticed on Instagram.

1. Create a friendly profile that gives a few enticing details about you and your business. Don’t be shy about sharing what you make and a little of your personality. Use emojis as bullet points to make it easier to read. And always add a link to your Etsy shop or website so people can buy your stuff if they want to. That’s the whole point, right?

2. Only post awesome photos. This goes without saying, but yes, awesome photos get noticed more than not awesome photos. Your photographic skills not up to snuff? The only way to get better is to practice. And remember, don’t post every photo you take. Just the good ones.

3. Not sure what photos to take? Here are a few of my favorite types of photos to post:
a. Your finished products. But make them interesting! Use different angles, backgrounds or props to show off your product. Move beyond the photo of your product on a white background. Think lifestyle shots that show the story behind your product. I often use vintage items in the background or have one of my daughters to hold up one of my pieces. Don’t be afraid to experiment.
b. Your item in various stages of production. This could mean a photo of your raw materials or a detail shot of an unfinished piece. Even show a mistake or two. Perfection can be boring sometimes, so show your bumbles too!

c. Your work space. People love to take a peek behind the curtain. Where do you make all your fabulous products? What tools do you use? Do have you cool piece of equipment or beautiful studio? Show it off!

d. Your inspiration. What inspires you to make what you do? This could be anything from your daughter’s floral printed dress to a flower from your garden to a meal you’re about to enjoy to the latest book you read. Bonus points if it ties into your brand in some way. My target customers are artsy and design-conscious moms and handmade lovers, so photos of my daughters on an adventure in Seattle are all fair game.

e. You! An occasional selfie of you holding your product or working on your product is another way for your followers to get to know you and connect with you. You may have to get a friend to snap the photo or try out your self-timer feature on your phone.

4. Always tag your photos. Tags or hashtags open you up to whole new community of people – not just those who follow you. If you tag your photo (for example: #handmadebusiness), your photo will pop up when someone searches for that tag. My most common hashtags are #Etsy #buyhandmade #shophandmade #hoopart #kidsdecor and #mompreneur

BONUS TIP: If you forget to tag in your original post, you can always go back and hit the edit button and add your tags. Or add your hashtags as a comment to your own post.

5. Connect to other people. Try to respond to each and every one of your comments. Even a simple heart or thank you will go a long way to connecting with your followers. If they took the time to show their love of your photo, reciprocate! Go to their IG feed and “heart” one of their photos. Who knows, you may connect with your next customer or collaborator!


This blog post was written by Cathy Pascual. Cathy is the designer behind Catshy Crafts, making heartfelt decor to cozy up your home since 2011. When she’s not playing with felt, yarn and embroidery hoops or writing about running a creative business, she is playing with her two beautiful daughters in her Pacific Northwest 1959 rambler.
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