5 Inspirational Instagram Accounts That Will Light Your Fire Within

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Confession: I have an addiction. I have really tried to stop, but scrolling through Instagram feed has become a daily if not hourly regular habit. It entertains me in my breaks, passes time during TV commercials, and serves as the perfect distraction when I am waiting.

I am pretty sure I am not the only one, so let us use our time wisely and discover some accounts that will light your fire within to get you motivated to live your own dreams.

I have found 5 accounts to give you that extra push you need to reach your fitness and life goals. Start with them, and you’ll be sure to discover many more….Ready, set, let’s begin!
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1. @mindbodygreen
Mindbodygreen focus’s on improving the way you eat, move, and live, the MindBodyGreen account has captured inspiration and motivation for everything you could possibly need with cool yoga poses, healthy meals, encouraging quotes and life hacks. Follow this blissful and peaceful page, and you’ll be inspired to move more, stress less every day.

2. @remodelfitnessnyc2-remodelfitnessnyc
Jessi Kneeland is on a mission to spread positive body image. She is a strength coach and fitness Blogger with a down to earth account. Jessi shares pictures of her amazing strong body; outstanding PR’s in the weight room and positive thoughts that will help you light the positivity from within, no matter where you are in life. Her posts are always beautifully written; easy to relate to and guarantee to give you some well-needed laughter ☺

3. @modern.yogi3-modern.yogi
When you read a quote that’s exactly what you needed to hear that day? That’s a guarantee to happen when you follow this account. Suzanne Heyn, a former journalist who became a mindfulness writer and yoga teacher, inspires her followers to stop making their past a hitching post and instead start working on making the rest of their life the best of their life, and fully live in the present (our gift to unwrap and make our own). The past is a history, the present is a mystery but today is a gift; unwrap it and use it wisely, no returns, no refunds, no exchanges!

4. @thenorthface4-thenorthface
If you’re a city-dweller, then you know how easily several days can fly on by without seeing so much of a bit of nature… The North Face provides a cure for too much grey concrete with these awe-inspiring moments that capture Mother Nature. The activewear brand also features some of the world’s most incredible climbers, hikers, skiers, and other athletes who share snippets into their intense training regimens.

5. @gopro (photo credit to @joekonekphotography)5-gopro(joekonekphotography)
This ultra-versatile, wearable camera has truly revolutionized how athletes and fitness lovers capture their most impressive accomplishments by allowing the lens to travel with them into the ocean, down the slopes, and on the trails. On days when watching a Netflix ironman sounds better than training for one, flip up this this page for instant workout and life inspiration and motivation from the world’s top athletes, adventurers skier’s, surfers, climbers and more.


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