8 Perfect Summer Moments Captured With Olloclip

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The sun is setting on another summer filled with adventures, good eats and #skyporn. But there’s one thing that Instagram users won’t stop using even when the season changes- portable phone lenses. The following are photos that give a taste of this summer through the scope of Olloclip, a simple mobile photo lens meant to make life a bit more easy and beautiful for iPhone owners and their Instagram followers. Take a peek to start preparing your Insta photo checklist for next summer!
(above photo by @tomtehh)

1. A scenic and reflective snap catches the immensity of the sky. Photo by @aaron_51.


2. Even the biggest buildings seem bite sized in this #throughmyolloclip photo by @pasatiempoqro.


3. A wilderness hiking oasis caught by @caitlincumberland.3-caitlincumberland


4. While some spend time in the forest, @bag_of_roks uses his Olloclip to snap the urban jungle.


5. A wide lens shot is perfect to capture the sky above. Photo by @jrkenworthy.


6. The same lens works just as great for capturing everything below. Photo by @vahishta.b.6-mrvalography


7. @S.d.photographs captures crashing waves that reach as far as the eye can see. 


8. Perspective matters. This wide angle shot gives adds to the serene, comforting setting in this snap. Photo by @photo_wzrd.

This post was written by guest contributor Amber Kazalbash. Amber is a social media marketer and personal style blogger from Southern California. Aside from shooting fashion and photography for her blog My Eyes Are Hungry, Amber loves lip syncing to rap music on Snapchat. Follow Amber @libertydenied and read her blog.


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