10 *More* Cities Where Rooftopping is Taking Off

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If there are rooftops in your city with great views, there’s a good chance that photographers have explored them. The popularity of “rooftopping” just keeps growing, and here are 10 more cities where it’s taking off.

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1. Detroit
Photo by @detroit_chiver

Detroit’s actually also on our list of North American Places Overflowing with Abandoned Exploration Sites, and, well, some of those abandoned sites have high vantage points.

2. Singapore2
Photo by @vontrik

This city-state is has some strict laws, and rooftopping here is not for the faint of heart, but there are also legal ways to go about it.

3. Austin
Photo by @haggletheberg

Construction has been booming in Austin, Texas, for a while. As the local NPR affiliate says: “It seems like everywhere you look, there’s a construction site in Austin, complete with the unofficial state bird of Texas, the construction crane.”

4. Houston
Photo by @sarahinstagrant

Rooftoppers in neighbouring Houston benefit from the same state construction boom.

5. Montreal
Photo by @fred514

Where urban explorers don’t discriminate between old or new Montreal buildings.

6. Vancouver6
Photo by @ggeoffreyy

Most bustling metropolises, like Vancouver, can count on having rooftop explorers, residents and tourists alike, in abundance.

7. Tel Aviv
Photo by @sasha_alperin

Urban explorers might just make a their own pilgrimage to Tel Aviv for rooftopping.

8. Las Vegas8
Photo by @henry_do

What happens in Vegas, could be dangerous.

9. Dubai
Photo by @kiwikeow

Dubai and tall buildings. Enough said.

10. San Francisco
Photo by @lightofmylens

The Bay Area tech boom is contributing to the construction boom as well.


This blog was written by guest blogger Eric Mark Do. He is a journalist and urban explorer based in Toronto, Canada. Urban exploration has given him a newfound appreciation for sights (and sites) that are inaccessible for most. Follow his adventures:

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Disclaimer: This is not intended as a guide to trespassing or rooftopping. Eric Mark Do and INK361 do not encourage or condone destructive, dangerous or illegal behaviour of any kind. Readers should be aware that many of these places are off limits to the public and located on private property.

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