12 Mobile Instagrammers To Follow

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With so many DSLR and GoPro shots on Instagram these days, people can often forget about the humble beginnings of using a mobile phone as your camera. Below is a list of Instagrammers who shoot almost exclusively with their mobile phones!

1. @thefella – Conor is a fine-art landscape and destination photographer currently based in London.


2. @whatinasees – Ina is a master of architectural and city photography and manages to do so shooting with an iPhone 5.


3. @danrubin – Dan is a passionate film photographer, but keeps his incredibly well-followed Instagram feed for just his iPhone shots.


4. @greg_aAlthough an accomplished photographer shooting with his Nikon D800, Greg also enjoys shooting with his iPhone, especially during his trips around the world.


5. @erikhageman – 
The master of reflection shots shows that you just need a mobile phone to capture amazing sunsets.


6. @emitoms
With shots to rival any DSLR, it’s hard to believe Emily’s images are taken with a mobile phone!


7. @transientism
With a great mix of travel and urban shots, Zee really does show that the best camera is the one you have with you.


8. @twheat
Tyson has some of the best iPhone images that I’ve seen! Check out his account to see for yourself.


9. @lejaclyn
Some amazing portraiture work from Jaclyn and a very well curated feed.


10. @ruairidhmcglynn
Quite possibly one of the best iPhone landscape photographers out there, Ruairidh even talks about his photography skills at Apple events.


11. @somewhereincopenhagen
Everyday scenes that most of us might miss, this feed turns them into works of art!


12. @candidsbyjo
Food photography with a DSLR can be tough at the best of times, but shooting them so well with a phone is just genius.


This blog post was written by Conor MacNeill @thefella. He is a fine-art landscape and destination photographer currently based in London. As well as aiming to visit and photograph every country in his lifetime, Conor leads photography expeditions and teaches workshops around the globe. Coupling his emotive and inspiring travel photography with his large Instagram following, he also works to promote brands and projects with his social media audience.


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