5 Beautiful Reasons to Visit Brazil

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If you are planning your next winter vacation, Brazil should definitely be on your wish list. It’s a huge country, with a geographical and cultural variety as great as the joy of its people. The coastline and the country side have thousands of attractions and fantastic places to explore. It is the perfect fun destination. On top of all that, the Brazilian summer happens right between December and March. So, I can only say, make your reservation and go because in the end we only regret the chances we did not take!

Check out these 5 beautiful must see places in Brazil!

1. Fernando de Noronha
This archipelago in the Northeast of Brazil is one of the best dive sites on the planet with an average temperature of 80°F water and visibility up to 164 ft horizontally. The place is a privilege for few, since the entry of visitors is limited in order to preserve the natural beauty of the islands. The warm weather all year round and some of the most beautiful beaches in the world will take your breath away.
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2. Jericoacara
After being voted one of the most beautiful beaches in the world by the The New York Times, Jericoacara became trendy. Even attracting tourists from many different areas and languages, this former fishing village in the Northeast of Brazil maintains its original features. A place of lush beauty, peaceful, rustic, where nature controls the pace. This is a trip for anyone who wants to experience a beach town unlike any other you’ve ever seen.
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3. Chapada Diamantina National Park
Be ready for breathtaking landscapes. This park at the center of Bahia state, in the Northeast of Brazil used to be explored by miners in their search for diamonds and gold. Nowadays, what will make your eyes shine are the innumerous waterfalls, caves with blue water, huge canyons with amazing rivers and natural pools. It’s one of the best destinations in the country for the practice of outdoor activities.
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4. Iguassu Falls
These huge falls were chosen as one of the “New Natural Seven Wonders of the World”. Massive. That’s the best word to describe this falls, which has a flow capacity equal to three times of Niagara Falls. Awesome is the other very appropriate term. It’s the 2nd most visited Brazilian destination by foreign tourists after Rio de Janeiro, with more than 1 million visitors per year. Be sure to check out two other huge attractions over there: Itaipu Dam, the world’s largest hydroelectric plant in power generation, and the world-class Bird Park, a sanctuary with over 900 birds from 150 different species.
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5. Florianopolis
One more lovely islands of Brazil, this time in the Southern region. Called “Magic Island”, “Brazilian Ibiza”, “Floripa”, and “Destiny of The Year” by The New York Times in 2009, what this city does not lack are positive titles. All this fame caused many Americans and Europeans to change their status of visitors to residents over there. The population formed by descendants of Portuguese, Italian and German, makes this city very attractive and dynamic. What more? How about 42 wonderful beaches to explore! This place is definitely a must go!
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This blog post was written by Daniele Marchi Weyand. Dani is a Brazilian Advertiser living abroad. After spending years as an Advertising Copywriter, Business and Marketing Executive in Brazil, she followed her heart and moved to Hawaii. To share the experience of living in another country, she created the Instagram @vida.la.fora. Based in the land of Mai Tai, she always prefers an IPA and just one more instapic.


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