Best Surfer Instagram Accounts to Wave Your Gaze

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Addicted to surfing, the ocean and Instagram? Here are some must-follow Insta handles to add to your feed. Let us ride through the waves of some of Instagram’s top surfing accounts!
(above photo credit: @stugibson)

1. @taibuddha
If it is inspiration you need following Bali-based Aussie Tai “Buddha” Graham is a must. Scroll through this modern wave hunter’s feed is all that you’ll need to jump online and start booking flights.

2. @stugibson2-stugibson
A Tasmanian Born Photographer. His main passions are surfing, snowboarding and skateboarding. Most of his photos are more than 90% surfing, or in the water in some way. Stu was practically born surfing so it’s hard to be away from the coast for too long. His life as a photographer consists of traveling, swimming, sun, and sitting behind a computer – a lot

3. @martipara3-martipara
Marti Paradisis is one of the biggest names in big wave surfing around the globe. Growing up on the southern coastline of Tasmania, Australia. His quest of searching for barreling giants and deep-sea monsters, like Pedra Branca (Tas) has taken him around the globe. It was that very 30ft wave that we all watched him drop into not that long ago, that earned him “Biggest Wave of the Year” at the Australian Oakley Big Wave Awards in 2013.

4. @tyler_hx4-tyler_hx
A Tassie Wave Hunter. Showing the world how beautiful this little apple isle is. He shows the epic surf that is untapped in the land downunder. The water is cold but the waves are epic as is Tyler.

5. @stephaniegilmore5-stephaniegilmore
Six-time world champion Stephanie Gilmore runs one of the more interesting accounts on Instagram. The muse of Morgan Maasen and Ryan Heywood has no shortage of killer surf action, and Steph’s land-based activities are just as refreshing as her water photos.

6. @maya
Maya Gabeira has hit some of the biggest waves around, diced with death and is considered the best female big wave surfer of her generation – all by 24. Gabeira hit the headlines after she was nearly killed fighting the mountainous waves of Nazaré but she already has some giant waves under her belt having slain Todos dos Santos, Mexico, one of deadliest waves in the world, and made her home in Waimea Bay – the cradle of big wave surfing. She took up surfing when she got bored watching an ex-boyfriend from the beach and hit the waves herself. Since then she’s been showing that she’s not afraid to mix it with the biggest and best.

7. @sally_fitz7-sally_fitz
It’s fair to say Sally Fitzgibbons is a ripper. At such a young age she’s got more competition wins then you’ve had lunches and has been duking it out at the top of the women’s game for years. Coming from New South Wales, she’s been ripping it up on the breaks of Bondi Beach and perfecting her craft since she was wee tacker. Not only do her surf skills create epic magic moments but so does her smile!


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