Props to the Most Followed Brand on Instagram!

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Somebody give the social media team at Nike a raise.

Nike is the most followed clothing company on Instagram, according to an audit by Macy’s. It’s also the brand with the most hashtag mentions on the platform.

Macy’s pulled the data at the end of July, but the study was only recently released. When the numbers were new, Nike has close to 19 million followers. It’s still leading the pack, with just over 22 million people scrolling past its posts regularly.

But that won’t come as a surprise to people who follow Nike. The brand goes to pretty great lengths to create imagery and videos for Instagram. Today they put up a picture of two sole-shaped waffles embedded with Nike logos. Six months ago, it traveled around the world to get video clips of various Air Max models in Seoul, Melbourne, Los Angeles, and beyond.

Nike has three times as many followers as the next closest company on the list, Adidas, at just over 7 million. Louis Vuitton comes next with 6.7 million, Dolce & Gabbana has 5.7 million, and Michael Kors rounds out the top five with 5.4 million.

See their top 5 most like photos below!



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