10 Instagram Accounts for the Hong Kong Lover

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Architecture coexists within our society, whether in the densest of cities or the remoteness of the countryside. Living in a city within Asia, competitiveness is always present. New ideas and the demands for buildings are constantly required to keep the city functioning. Hong Kong is a city that takes architecture towards the ideal of productivity and functionality. It is one of the densest cities in the world, but the way it overcomes the incredible influx of people is what makes the city so impressive. Although rather monotonous in its architectural landscape, it is an example of how we can overcome the difficulty of a lack of space. Wandering the streets of central Hong Kong can seem claustrophobic, but looking up at the heights of skyscrapers really explains the notion of aiming high and Hong Kong’s constant reach towards prosperity. Although very few buildings stand out within the architectural landscape, the overall combination of density and a lack of space is what makes the city so special. As such, the #residensity hashtag arises to this uniqueness, and has been an important reference to the vision and understanding of Hong Kong.

See below a list of must follow accounts for the Hong Kong and architecture lover!


1. @lielaine | Elaine was my first inspiration in photography and Instagram, she has a great eye for dynamic angles and celebrates the heights of Hong Kong and the world


2. @edwardkb | Another individual that has inspired me, Edward continues to surprise with his diverse style of capturing Hong Kong


3. @vdubl | Dynamic and intriguing, Vivien is an architect who captures Hong Kong’s density and livelihood in an energetic manner


4. @kingymak | A summary of Hong Kong’s diversity in shape & form within architecture


5. @treemannx | Canon looks to architecture in a clean and minimal medium, from Hong Kong to London, and other parts of the world


6. @iso195 | Yip studies architecture in London, and has an outlook to the uprising elements of the city


7. @sh3ngy | A fellow architecture prodigy, Marc envisions architectural detail in an organised and dynamic manner


8. @timmy727 | Looking into the world of interior design, Timmy has an eye for clean details


9. @xcanadian | Always looking for new ways to improve his feed, Stephen experiments with his ideas and puts it in the form of stills, as well as video


10. @kyle_yu | Kyle has one of the best #lookingup shots I have ever seen, an amazingly creative individual who searches for the aesthetics of light and shadow


This blog post was written by Irwin Chan.
“My name is Irwin and I’m currently in my 3rd year of Architecture in Manchester, United Kingdom. I spent my first 18 years in Hong Kong and made the move to the UK, pursuing my interest in architecture and design. I acquired an interest in photography during my second year in the course, thanks to some great friends that I frequently go around exploring with. Aside from studying architecture, I enjoy travelling and exploring, recording my journey on Instagram. Since then, Instagram has become a place for me to reach out to likeminded people, and has also become part of my life in scrolling through my feed on a daily basis!”

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and his Tumblr account: irwinchan.tumblr.com


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