Top 10 Instagrammers to Follow in Chi Town

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Chicago is an extremely photogenic city and easily explored with a camera in hand. The early mornings, late nights and even the harshest winters provide some epic photographs. The U.S. has a lot of great cities, but Chicago is always a big favorite. Not just for the picturesque cityscapes, but because of the people in it as well. In no particular order, here are the top ten Instagram accounts to follow to experience Chi Town!
[A couple Chicago Instagram legends are excluded from this list only because we assume you all follow them already! @JasonMPeterson, @Trashhand and @Swopes]
(above cover photo by @RyanErikP)

1. @Cocu_Liu – Believe it or not, all of Cocu’s work is done with an iPhone. He’s a master at capturing the perfect moment, exquisite light and stunning composition. His work has even been selected by Apple as part of their recent Apple World Gallery


2. @Alinatsvor – Alina is one of the most inspiring photographers. Her snapshots are cinematic experiences and it’s no surprise that she shoots for some of the biggest U.S. brands. Her attention to detail is second to none.


3. @DannyMota – Danny reps Chicago to the fullest. His dream-like photos are always eye-catching and the colors he infuses bring new life to the Chicago cityscapes. He’s one of the many talented Chicago creatives working at @HavasChi alongside @6Corners and the next man on this list.


4. @TheCraigHensel – Craig is an extremely talented and personable photographer. His astrophotography is truly epic work, but he also balances out professional and family life. The most inspiring aspect is his devotion to his family and friends, who are always the subject of his photos amongst the midwest landscape.


5. @KBucklandphoto – Co-Founder of @Chitecture, Kyle is always pushing the envelope with creative photography and video. If there’s a storm brewing in Chicago, you can bet Kyle is going to capture it and share to his nearly 100k followers. He’s serious about his timelapses which feature stunning images paired with always-excellent music.


6. @Bralts – Cody’s account is great because he captures the small details. He discovers the furthest corners of Chicago, the overlooked spaces and textures across the city that give it personality. It’s simple and stunning.


7. @Nick_Ulivieri – For a bird’s eye view of Chicago, look no further than Nick. He captures some of the most jaw-dropping images of Chicago’s amazing architecture from high above the city. He’s also a master at documenting the harsh winter and summer storms that rock the city.


8. @CShimala – Fan of timelapses? Craig is one of Chicago’s best, showing you montages of life in the Windy City. His personal account is awesome but you can also find all of his work on @timelapsechicago as well.


9. @DDesigns_ – There is an absurd amount of creativity running through this man’s body. I’m constantly amazed by his subject matter, composition and execution. His photographs are full of life, from spage-age portraits to urban landscapes.


10. @RyanPostel – Ryan is another iPhone only shooter on the list. He captures unique perspectives on the daily. He’s not only a wiz with his phone’s camera, but also super creative with hashtags in each post.


This blog post was written by Ryan Peterson. Born and raised in Los Angeles, Ryan Peterson is a passionate content creator who now calls San Francisco home. He’s a freelance producer and photographer with over ten years experience in video production for television, web and mobile devices. When he’s not working, you can find him with a camera in one hand and a coffee in the other, exploring the city around him and looking for the next great shot. Connect with him by:

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