11 Scuba Accounts on Instagram That Will Dive You into the Ocean World

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Addicted to both scuba diving and Instagram? Or interested to see what lurks in the underwater world? Be sure to follow these underwater photographers. So without further ado, let’s go meet Nemo and his friends with these deep sea photographers!
(above photo by @scubaimagery)


1. @alastairpollock
He is a passionate underwater and landscape photographer based in Sydney Australia. He has been taking underwater photos for close to 20 years. Favorite subjects include sharks, seals and crustaceans. He is always happy to share any insights he may have on when and where to find particular wildlife, as well as equipment choices and photography techniques.


2. @brianskerry
After three decades of exploring the world’s oceans, Skerry continues to pursue stories that will increase awareness about the sea. He is quoted as saying, “The oceans are in trouble. There are some serious problems out there that I believe are not clear to many people. My hope is to continually find new ways of creating images and stories that both celebrate the sea yet also highlight environmental problems. Photography can be a powerful instrument for change.”


3. @c_delacy
Looking at Caine’s photos will make you want to relocate to the world under the sea. The beauty he captures in extraordinary moments is pure awesomeness. The ocean holds life that is so rare and beautiful and Caine does it justice, not an easy feat all the while underwater. And if you want to explore the deeps below, join Caine on one of his amazing tours he offers.


4. @chiku_uw
A diver from Tokyo, Japan and in love with the underwater world and cats…A cool combination 😉 The photos of the most beautiful and awe inspiring creatures that live under the sea. You will discover all the little things that we forget about when the great whites and all things of great heights are always talked about. You will feel like you are in a fairy-tale with these magical little creatures.


5. @daviddoubilet
David has spent five decades under the surface in the far corners of the world from interior Africa, remote tropical coral reefs, rich temperate seas and recent projects in the northern and southern ice. David’s personal challenge is to create a visual voice for the world’s oceans and to connect people to the incredible beauty and silent devastation happening within the invisible world below.


6. @alish_81
Beautiful photography that will make you want to live under the seas with the sea with all things great and small. You will see the underwater world as the magnificent place it is, in all its glory through the eye of this amazing photographer. This is his diving log, instead of scribbles he takes pictures that will remind you how there is beauty in every corner of the earth.


7. @greatwhitesean
He has been a keen traveller for the past 7/8 years ticking off many countries in his quest to see the world. He originally started travel with a point and shoot camera just documenting his travels. In August 2013 he decided to become more serious with his photography to share his love with the world. The main field of photography he specializes in is underwater photography but he is gaining experience in other aspects as well. Wildlife is truly his passion and will make up the majority of my work.


8. @karamurphyimages
Kara is an award-winning freelance travel photojournalist, based in Brisbane, Australia, and specializing in capturing underwater and nature-based images as well as writing inspiring articles to accompany them. She also produces small videos for outdoortravelchannel.tv and other clients. Her shots make the underwater world look like the land where are dreams come true.


9. @kenkiefer2
Ken Kiefer is an award winning underwater photographer. He is a member of the exclusive Ocean Artists Society, and firmly believes in using art to bring awareness to the need to preserve our natural world. He is passionate about photographing anything and everything under the water: ocean critters, swim teams, fitness models, children, competition divers, etc.


10. @scubaimagery
Nature is not their inspiration. It’s their craft. To explore, to discover. To go beyond what a normal life is. To create, to push ourselves constantly. That is their drive…They just happen to take underwater photos. @ScubaImagery is an independent fine art and video production house. They specialize in filming natural history and producing quality fine art in canvas, aluminum and acrylic. Their photographic images regularly appear in publications all over the world.


11. @scubapro
This Instagram account has some seriously epic underwater shots and will have you booking your next trip scuba trip. The images make you feel like you are scuba diving right next to them!





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