19 Dogs Who Make The Absolute Best Camping Buddies

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The end of summer is always a little sad, but the great thing about having a dog is that every season has something fun for the two of you. The end of summer means the beginning of fall, and that means it’s camping season! If you have not camped with your pup before, this season is the perfect time to start.┬áCheck out these 19 pups who made the best camping buddies!
(Above photo by @Kodiak_TheBearDog)


1. “Good morning! Let’s get hiking!”


2. “Shall I put some bacon on the barbie?”


3.┬áThis is the coziest looking tent I’ve ever seen.


4. “I got some fresh sticks for dinner!”


5. Sometimes the hikes can be a little hard on pups, so be sure to bring a puppy sack!


6. “Gonna be an awesome day! I can smell it!”


7. “Yo, you got first watch right? I’m gonna go beg for hot dogs.”


8. “Brrr…that water was chilly!”


9. “Catch me if you can!”


10. “Nothing like a morning dip to wake you up!”


11. Rise and shine.


12. Don’t forget to bring cards for downtime in the tent.


13. “Must. Touch. Wadder.”


14. “Feels good man.”


15. “Follow me. I know the way.”


16. “Storm’s a-comin.”


17. “This pawty is BYOB- bring your own bones.”


18. “Who’s ready for a snack break? I am!”


19. “Someone stunk up the tent again.”


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