Top 11 Urban Latin American Photographers to Follow on Instagram

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These Instagrammers from Latin America are as diverse as the countries they are based in. From the omnipresent mountain silhouettes you’ll see in Santiago de Chile, to the wide avenues of Buenos Aires, Argentina, passing through warm beaches in Brazil and ending in the plateaus of Bolivia and Peru, these Latin American urban photographers will give you a glimpse of beautiful places you have to see for yourself. And if you can’t travel to these latitudes, the accounts featured here will help you travel to a region that is always full of friendly people and captivating scenes.

1. @elipraderi
Discover secluded corners and escape from your routine for a few minutes after you start following Elisa. She will show you what the beautiful country of Uruguay has to offer to its visitors and inhabitants, along other photos from her trips that also have a serene setting in common. Perhaps her images will make you book your next trip to this small but big-hearted country.


2. @nestorbarbitta
Just like in any big and popular cities, being able to make a pause to enjoy a conversation with friends may sound almost impossible to do for some people. However, this is exactly what Nestor is able to do and show in his images from Argentina.


3. @italodelima
When you think of Brazil, the first images that may come to mind are beaches and sand. Italo’s photography however will change the way you think about his country, specially after observing his images that contrast people against his city. His technique is always accompanied by excellent composition and execution.


4. @ac27
While some of the photographers featured on this list tend to focus on architectural details and landscapes, the images captured by Andrés follow the people and the activities they perform in Ecuador. His photos include a wide selection of ages and locations, which will help you learn more about the rich human nature of his country.


5. @alecegarra
When you visit this feed by Alejandro, you’ll immediately realize you’re seeing the work of a talented photo journalist. A native of Venezuela, the excellent quality of his work has captured the attention of important newspapers in his country, which has leaded him to work for Getty Images.


6. @cuandohablamos
With a love for architectural spaces, design and what he’s enjoying at the moment, the photos by Luis will show you more about what is like to be an advertising student Chile. His images, frequently captioned with song lyrics and personal thoughts, will invite you to make a contrast between the days you are having and his own routine.


7. @iruc
Originally from Paraguay, the photos taken by Carlos will show you his country along others locations from neighboring countries. Pay attention for his love of ordinary things that many others simply pass by, like old cars, hand-painted street signs and flowers, which he uses as back drops for some of his compositions.


8. @lalaptopelefante
Earthy colors and landscapes are one of the constants in the laid back images captured in Panama by Ian. The other frequent pictures you’ll find in his feed are interesting geometric patterns and shapes, and the good and simple things in life, like friends and beer.


9. @andreesfalconi
A country with a rich cultural heritage as Peru deserves a photographer like Andrés, who manages to capture its most typical settings, while mixing them with the smiles and attitudes of the inhabitants of this country.


10. @zombandodavida
The love for the beach and the activities performed by people nearby is evident in the pictures shared by Allison. Once you start following this collection of images from Brazil, they’ll will make you wonder how different your life would be if you were this much in contact with it.


11. @juan_mtzb
One of the things you’ll surely notice in the photos that Juan takes is his love for color. You can see it almost everywhere in his images. From colonial buildings to street graffiti, his photography will invite you to discover captivating palettes from the always beautiful Mexico.



This blog post was written by Fernando Escudero. Fernando is a bilingual content editor, copywriter and freelance contributor living in New York City. Born in Chile, he is also an avid digital photographer who loves to capture his city and other locations with his phone and camera. When he’s not writing or coming up with ideas for an article, he will be exploring a museum, trying a new restaurant or reading a book in Spanish.

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