Yorkshire Dales – 7 Must See Sights

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If you want to experience true and untouched English countryside then a visit to the Yorkshire Dales is a must. The stunning landscape was shaped by the most recent ice age, creating breath-taking limestone monuments and a place unlike any other. Check out these instagrammers who captured Yorkshire perfectly.


1. @polish_yorkshireman – Malham Cove is a stunning 230ft high limestone monument in the heart of the Yorkshire Dales, it was created by glaciers and melt waters in the last 1.5 million years. It was once a waterfall but now that the ice has melted the water runs underground, though it is still breath taking!


2. @andymapp – Not far away from Malham Cove you will find Gordale Scar. The stunning double water fall will amaze any visitor to the Dales. You can climb up the center of the waterfall and walk around the top of the valley, with beautiful views at any time of the year.


3. @mrcarllewis – The Dales are also famous for the vast cave network that was created from the same glacial melt waters. The largest cave is Gaping Gill at 360 feet deep it is big enough to fit St Paul’s Cathedral inside! It also boasts the record for the tallest unbroken waterfall in England and it is also the largest underground chamber naturally open to the surface, impressive eh?


4. @annieswright – The Dales don’t just offer caves and limestone, the ground is also rich with lead. The Romans first mined lead from the dales and sent it back to Rome where it was used to build the water systems that still survive in the city today! (Can’t beat Yorkshire made!)


5. @veggiedan – The Dales don’t just gain their notoriety from the natural beauty there (though there is plenty of it!) The Ribble Viaduct is a striking testament to Yorkshire engineering spanning 400m across the river Ribble, construction finished in 1875 and is still in use today as part of the Leeds to Carlisle train line.


6.@under_glass_sky – At the heart of the Yorkshire Dales is the stunning Priory ruins of Bolton Abbey, founded in 1154 the Priory has a long history and a visit to Yorkshire wouldn’t be complete without exploring the ruins or challenging yourself to cross the river by the stepping stones.


7. @daralorraine – The Yorkshire Dales has something to offer anyone wishing to visit but you absolutely can’t leave without having a “proper brew” the Yorkshire way!



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