8 Cool Rat Look Cars from Instagram

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Art comes in many shapes and forms; the rat look scene in the UK is a perfect example of the different concepts that can come from one basic idea. So what is “Rat Look”?

RAT stands for recycled automotive transport; the UK scene developed from the American Rat Rods and has taken a very different direction. Some car owners spend a fortune to make their cars look aged; others naturally become rat over the years by being kept on the road as little money as possible. It’s a hard look to master, to create a car that looks naturally aged but still keeps its style.

Check out these 8 Instagrammers and their awesome rat look cars!
(Above photo by @munich_racing)


1. @fusmaniacos


2. @wisnupamenag


3. @ethanmusselwhite


4. @why_not_custom


5. @overdose_brand_for_rider


6. @therollindead


7. @oldvwsp


8. @pauling_ni20




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