Get Your Instagram Collaboration On With These Accounts

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Collaboration is awesome. Whether you’re looking for photos to edit, cool Instagrammers to follow, or a feature in front of thousands, the accounts below are worth a look. A couple even provide resources (photos, overlays, etc.) for you to get creative with.
(above photo by @bryanadamc and edit by @israelsanchez91)


1. @collabstream – Whether you’re editing someone else’s photo or they’re editing yours, this account features all collaborations that are added to the #collabstream.

Photo by: @dalton922
Edit: @b911bphoto


️Photo by: @boco_blondie
️Edit: @juanitaom



2. @mexturescollective – “We exist to be an inclusive community dedicated to enabling and encouraging all creatives, professional and amateur, using Mextures as an editing tool in their editing process.” This collective provides a new set of photos every week for the community to edit.

Photo by: @aaron.atanacio
Edit: @tarqeeb


Photo by: @r.uthy
Edit: @deepak_solanki



3. @pixitesource – “Source is a free service created by Pixite providing free to use textures, overlays and photos for use in mobile edits and design.”

Photo by: @blakeverdoorn
Edit: @netfang2000


Photo by: @elliepritts
Edit: @intensejerick



Our very own @ink361 account features collabs too! Make sure to use the hashtag #INK361_Collabs.




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