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The question of perspective arises whenever we see buildings, architectures, shapes or curves. We try to capture them through various methods and angles to re-create the image. Sometimes we succeed but many times we fail to give it a new definition. #Wicked_Flip and #FlipitFridays showed us a new way to create images. By flipping the image in various ways to suit our liking we can change how our shots look. These two tags have made quite a huge impact and inspired people to try and post images by flipping it. Gabriel, in collaboration with a few friends, also created a project – #WickedFlipItFridaysCollab that brought editing and flipping images to a completely new level.
(above photo by @visualgrafix)

Here’s what Gabriel Tiranti @gabrieltiranti had to say about the tags and project:

1. What is Wicked Flip and Flip It Fridays?
#Wicked_Flip was the tag and the page @WickedFlip that I started about 3-4 years ago on @Instagram. My tag started initially because I was getting tired of seeing shots of famous landmarks from the same perspective. I started flipping my shots as I saw beauty in the images that we recognised looking different.
#FlipItFridays was a tag started by my flipping brother @ivanvega.

(photo by @loewe7)

2. What inspired you to start #WickedFlipItFridaysCollab project?
My tag had garnered some recognition from a few IGers when I first started it. One of those IGers was @bridgette.xo. She approached me with an idea for a really cool project. She introduced me to @ivanvega via Kik and we started discussing the idea of developing a collab project using our 2 tags.


3. How did you get people involved in the Wicked Flip It Fridays collab?
To start with, the 3 of us just reached out to a few IGers we thought might dig the idea. We also started browsing both the tags to see who was using them and approached them that way too.

(photo by @fo.lar and edited by @analog_apperance)


4. How many people were involved and how far did it grow?
Although a bit of a logistical nightmare, at one point we had about 15-20 members of the collab! In the early days the management of the project fell to me, Bridgette and Ivan but as time went on I took more responsible in keeping the collab group on track – no simple task I assure you!

(photo by @maymustafa and edited by @gabrieltiranti)

(photo by @paucardoso and edited by @sollylevi)


5. In terms of photography and creative editing, how does this motivate others?
I guess the crux of it is that it encourages and inspires us to see things differently. From that, with the collab, the test was to use the image distributed for that week and find some way of making a crazy good flip out of it. We would then all post our edits of the same shot every Friday. Seeing the results others in the collab had created would always inspire me and push me to be more creative.

(photo by @bridgette.xo edited by @ivanvega)


6. There are a lot of initiatives out there on Instagram, how does this differ from others?
I think the way it differed was that it was one of the first as far as I was aware…that made it really exciting to me. The only other one that I knew of that was similar was Fantasy Friday. The way our collab was different?? Hmmmm, maybe the discipline of having to work a #wickedflip in to the edits? As a group we often had discussions about what the definition of a #wickedflip was. I’m not a huge fan of inverted or really subtle flips in edits, I guess I was more of a traditionalist in that sense.

(photo by @xcanadian)

(photo by @dcerejo)


7. As you have decided to take a short break, do you think at some point you will re-create this initiative and project?
That’s hard to say….I hope so! There was a couple of reasons for taking a break. Increasingly I was having less and less time to devote to @Instagram. This coincided with what I saw as a downturn in the app with the appearance of more sponsored posts cropping up. If that doesn’t kill creativity I don’t know what will!
That said, things evolve…I made some really good IG buds through the project that I am still in touch with. I think we all still inherently have creative tendencies and like the social aspect of the project so maybe one day we’ll do a reunion gig!

(photo by @v14zco and edited by @gabrieltiranti)


8. Would there be any future goals? What are your plans for now?
Future goals, that’s a good question. I’m fortunate enough to have been made SU twice. This has given me a good platform and some good opportunities. I will continue moderating the @wickedflip hub for sure. I’ve got good mods helping me too. I’d really like to use my platform to help support small and independent businesses and brands reach a wider audience. If anyone is reading this and thinks they fit the bill…….get in touch!
For more information about Gabs check out @gabrieltiranti on Instagram or visit his PhotoBox Gallery.


Creativity comes in various packages. Wicked Flip is one such initiative that allows you to create and think outside the box. Enjoy Wicked Flipping!




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