Live Vicariously Through These Wakeboard and Snowboard Instagram Accounts

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If you are looking to fly over the snow capped mountains or glide across the beautiful lakes and oceans of the world; you have come to the right place. Here we are going checkout some awesome wakeboarder and snowboarder handles that show us how to light the world on fire even if you are on water and snow. Put your goggles on as we get sprayed and splashed while hitting the slopes and waterways with these Instagram Handles
(above photo by @thewwa)


1. @gigiruef
Gigi Rüf, an Austrian unfamiliar…‘Shred Dad’ is still keeping it real in between his trophy collecting trips in far off fluffy places as well as producing his own planks to do it on. He mixes life on the hill with artwork, landmarks, and his mates standing by adverts of themselves on busses and it’s immediately clear his kiddies have inherited the gene.


2. @slingshotwake
For a laugh a minute with some hilarious rider profiles and then to the progression of urban freestyle riding the Slingshot Wake Instagram never ceases to blow your socks off. Every post will never stop to impress.


3. @frankapril
His online persona is just what you’d expect from someone who in real life spends his days gliding down handrails and nights necking Grand Marnier. His feed is a one stop shop for gnarly places to sleep, wakeboards and all things fun. The man’s got plenty of rockstar in him on every step he takes.


4. @prowakeboardtour
The world’s elite pro wakeboarding series – The Pro Wakeboard Tour features pictures of the world’s top and most incredible wakeboarders getting money for doing the most rad and far-out tricks in the 6 stop King of Wake series. Come find out what it is like to live your dream with these awesome wakeboardies literally flying high in life!


5. @ejackshreds
It’ll not surprise anyone that the man who apparently never stays still has done a few things recently that might blow your mind. Luckily for us, he had the good grace to share it. He’s got fish, wicked lines and bouldering barrels up in his page and a beard that rocks too.


6. @wakeislandwatersports
80 acres of wakeboarding paradise, some would like to call it heaven, but otherwise known as Wake Island. Follow Wake Island for the latest photos from the full-sized cable wake park located in Sacramento, CA.


7. @scottylago
The man with the most pets in the industry, Scotty Lago. He has style for days in the pipe, and he’s pretty savvy behind the camera. Also, his was the only page with a horse’s head mask, always a winner. What more could you want?


8. @thewwa
The WWA is a rider-formed organization that posts pictures from comps to magazine shoots and everything in between.


9. @xavierdelerue
One of instas biggest snowboarders right now is Xavier De Le Rue. This Frenchman’s been up to it all. He went and dropped the ‘waterslide with a penguin’. Big lines, big hair, and big animals are a winning combination even in real life, and right here they’re all on display for us to enjoy.


10. @bobsichel
Wakeboard Camp coach extraordinaire, Bob Sichel, is always hard at work. Not only has he taught many people new spins, flips, and grabs at the camp, he’s also been riding hard! Bob Sichel, the guy in the sky…





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