Top 9 Tips To Get An Awesome Instagram of Your Pet

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Sometimes getting a photograph of our pets can be a nightmare! Here are some top tips to help you capture the best of our furry friends.
(Above photo by @jeanluc_le_chat)


1.INK361 says RELAX
Don’t force a photo, capture your pet doing what they do best!


2. Be patient
Perfection takes time, especially when the model keeps facing the wrong way!



3. Use natural light
Try to take photos of your pets outside of near a large window. Flashes or bright lights may scare your pets, make them blink or give them zombie eyes!



4. Focus on their eyes
Sharp, clear eyes are important in any portrait. Focusing on your pets eyes will help to capture their personality!



5. Keep it tidy
Don’t let your the focus of your pet be stolen by yesterday’s socks….



6. Go down to their level
Capture your pet from their level, we all know what a dog looks like from above!



Action shots are a great way to photograph any animal, try to use a high shutter speed to capture just the right moment.



9. ALWAYS be ready
Animals are so unpredictable, so always make sure you have some way of capturing that really cute moment whenever it may be!





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