Top Instagrammers to Discover Central Europe

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Winter is right around the corner in the northern hemisphere, and it is an inspiring time of the year to visit Europe, where every city has its own character and vibe. This continent is full of incredible destinations renowned worldwide, like London, Paris or Amsterdam and it also has charming hidden gems that have just started to get the buzz. Let’s take a closer look to Central European countries now and soak up their beauty with these emerging Instagrammers who deserve attention. Believe us, they will hugely inspire your European travels.

1. @claudio.x
Take a look at the best spots of Austria with Claudio. He captures both the centuries-old architecture and the modern face of Vienna, and the capital is not the only Austrian city he enjoys taking photos of.


2. @praguestagram
Discover Prague with Zuzana who always shows the ultimate beauty of the Czech Republic’s capital. Go see it for yourself at her gallery.


3. @sonnenundwolken
Germany-based travel blogger Jana’s feed will surely fill you with instant wanderlust.


4. @beakonya
Mixing up Hungarian rural scenes and timeless snaps of the amazing Budapest with some lifestyle photos is what Bea does best.


5. @nesquik09
Marcin lives in Łódź and travels a lot around Poland. He has a great eye for details and perspective.


6. @sanya_lt
Did you know that Slovenia offers a lot of wonders to admire with its picturesque countryside and lovely cities? Sanja grabs their moody, mysterious atmosphere.


7. @rufusbixton
Street photography from Basel at its best. It’s just too hard to stop daydreaming once you finished scrolling Rufus’s feed about Switzerland.


8. @marinahnidkova
Marína is based in Slovakia and takes breathtaking shots of the Carpathian Mountains.


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This blog post was written by Beáta Kónya @beakonya. She is a PR professional and mobile photographer based in Budapest, Hungary. Born and raised in the Hungarian countryside, she loves capturing rural still life moments and strives for simplicity in her urban photos too. She is passionate about visual storytelling and tries to find those little moments we often miss as rushing through life.




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