11 Black & White Instagrammers You Should Be Following

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Black and white photography appeals to many photographers because it allows them to concentrate on the basics like light, shadows, and shapes. The Instagrammers below are highly skilled and their styles range from architecture to minimalism.
(above photo by @jl_saez)


1. @_edlab


2. @angiemcmonigal


3. @littlemaniacs


4. @nazaret


5. @jl_saez


6. @kulerblind


7. @britannia6009


8. @dxfimages


9. @randolfo_rocha


10. @lleimssagan


11. @_remko


Now that you’ve been inspired by these amazing photos, start creating some of your own! If your camera doesn’t have a black and white mode, use some free apps like VSCO Cam and Ansel to do the conversion.




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