This Cat’s Selfie Game Is STRONG

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It’s not just monkeys that can take selfies. There’s a cat on Instagram taking selfies. And as you might expect, it’s amazing.

Well, at the moment, it’s unclear if this cat is actually snapping the selfies itself or not. But, it sure does look like it is — and that’s just as entertaining, right?

The cat in question is named Manny and belongs to Instagram user @yoremahm. According to its owner, the cat did in fact learn how to operate a GoPro by chance one day when it reached out to touch the camera during a shoot. So in many shots, paw outstretched just out of view of the camera’s picture, it looks exactly like Manny is holding the GoPro at arm’s length and snapping a photo.

Manny was originally a stray that showed up in @yoremahm‘s life just after his previous cat had passed away. And now, well… It appears the fates have blessed this dear gato.

To check out some of Manny’s adorable and hilarious selfies, read on.
Just hanging out.


Freaking out? Not freaking out? Totally not freaking out.


This is the cat version of duck face, with a strong helping of side-eye.


This is going to buy a lot of catnip.


Oh, dogs.


The view from below.


Obligatory GoPro action shot.


Just chilling with the gang.


Not at all pleased.


Leaves, no. But Santa hat? Okay, that’s fine.


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