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Happy New Year, Instagrammers! Did you make any resolutions regarding photography? Or are you still looking for one that can stay on for the whole year and let you create and connect like never before? Then maybe you should check out photo-a-day challenges on Instagram.

And what is this whole thing about? You are given one new prompt as a photo theme for each day of the year, you grab your camera and interpret the daily prompt in your style, then share it. During the project, you will most probably realize you started to look at things a bit differently, capture your themes in a more unique way, while you are surrounded by a lot of super creative fellow photo-a-dayers. Plus, in 2016 you will have 366 days for being creative!

Below are some awesome challenges that we recommend you join in on!
(above photo by @swell_shell)


1. @fatmumslim


This account was among the first Instagrammers to come up with the photo-a-day idea exactly 4 years ago, back in January 2012, when the whole Instagram thing was just a bit older than 1 year. By now, Chantelle is followed by a massive base of almost 100 000 Instagrammers, her #FMSphotoaday became a real success engaging tons of people from month by month and she launched her own application @littlemomentsapp.
And how it all started? She says she just felt like creating something fun to do. She had no idea it would go so viral, that so many people would play along, or that it would be still going all these years later. And yes, it still brings people from all over the world together, creating an engaging and inspiring community, whose members make friends from all over the world and sometimes travel great distances across foreign lands to meet the new friends.

During the years behind her, Chantelle received incredibly touching and memorable stories from the #FMSphotoaday community. As she learned, there are people who have depression or going through really upsetting journeys such as cancer treatment, and the photo-a-day challenge has been a great tool in helping with the healing.


2. @365_today


@365_today’s founder @swell_shell also admits how influential photo-a-day challenges can be. Her #365_today project is a great way to meet like-minded Instagrammers and be part of a strong community of artists from amateurs to pros, connected through a single thought day by day. And what inspires an Instagrammer to create her own photo-a-day project? @swell_shell says she loves seeing how the new players, who have never done anything like this before, transform over the year into amazing artists. Such a great inspiration, isn’t it?


3. @my_365


@my_365 is another great photo-a-day project encouraging people to boost their creativity. Its excellent prompts can teach you to be more observant of the beautiful moments and also master your photography skills among inspiring creatives. Check out their hashtag #my_365!


4. @365gifts


A 365-day project can not only change your photography perspective but also the way you look at things in your life. A great example for this is @365gifts strictly focusing on thankfulness. If you start capturing things that you are grateful for every day, the project will definitely make you more positive!


And our bonus tips:
Would you rather go with weekly prompts instead of daily ones?


@its_my_week offers weekly challenges and collects talented creatives from all over the world.



And let’s not forget about @instagram’s own weekend hashtag project either, which is a long-running series featuring designated themes and hashtags. Its prompts are revealed every Friday so that you have the whole weekend challenge your creativity. @instagram team then features their favourite photos every Monday meaning great honour and big exposure for those chosen. Pretty cool, isn’t it?


This blog post was written by Beáta Kónya @beakonya. She is a PR professional and mobile photographer based in Budapest, Hungary. Born and raised in the Hungarian countryside, she loves capturing rural still life moments and strives for simplicity in her urban photos too. She is passionate about visual storytelling and tries to find those little moments we often miss as rushing through life.




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