10 Awesome Travelers’ Accounts to Follow on Instagram

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You may not have the finances to travel, or maybe you are looking for your next place to travel. These IG accounts will make you feel like you have travelled the world, all in a few minutes, staying right where you are. A life not travelled is like buying a book and never reading it…so let’s open our book of the wondrous and glorious world we live on, with these amazing IG travelers accounts.
(featured image by @helloemilie)


1. @yuriymanchik
When he is not mountain biking in the great outdoors with his wife around the Pacific Northwest, the Ukrainian photographer is making the most of the natural light in the beautiful great outdoors that we all love and see. He reminds us how beautiful this earth is and inspires us to grab bags and head on our next adventure.


2. @helloemilie
This Aussie Happy Snapper and her big old hat, makes you want to travel just like that. You feel like you are following along with a Aussie Sheila in a fairy-tale as she dives into majestic waters, hikes through the wilderness and glows with the magnificent sunsets. You get a sense of space and peace, no meditation or yoga required.


3. @herbertschroer
The Utrecht-based skillfully showcases his mastery of the iPhone camera via awe-inspiring landscape shots and remarkable animal portraits. There’s almost a Mary had a little lamb or folkloric theme to his work — these snaps make you feel blessed to live on our beautiful planet earth.


4. @_tuck4
A stunning collation of urbanscapes and nature around Kyoto, Osaka, and Tokyo. With perfectly timed shots, thoughtful composition, and slightly altered colors, his feed scrolls like something straight out of Lost in Translation or a Murakami film.


5. @masinutoscana
Jaw-dropping landscapes of the Italian Alps meshed with intimate details around his hometown in Florence, Mondì shows us a different side of la dolce vita. While Italy is home, he whisks us away on a virtual Euro trip to other extraordinary and picturesque countries like Cappadocia and Iceland.


6. @adampartridge
If the sleepy seaside English county of Dorset had an Instagram feed, this would be it. A photographer went to the seaside, to see what he could snap and with his perfectly chosen rose-colored glasses filter and compositions he takes us away on dreamy afternoons in the British Isle.


7. @bookhopper
This bookworm journalist has an incredible feed with Aboriginal tribes in Australia’s Northern Territory and its gorgeous vast landscapes, a few princes I mean photos of frogs and also other incredible travel photos that will make you book your next plane ticket without a second thought. And for those who are also self-proclaimed book worms some fab books recommended too!


8. @alexstrohl
Well crafted scenes of adventure — lonesome kayakers on placid lakes, contemplative campers among enormous tree lines, and itsy bitsy tiny log cabins in the woods — These photos and scenes are classic and timeless and will help you reconnect to nature even if it is not near.


9. @hulyaozkurt
For magically captured beautiful city scenes and food shots that require you to wear a bib for their drool worthiness, follow along as lawyer/travler Ozkurt makes her way across the globe.


10. @mamelopez
To get out of the rat race of every day life and find a slow moment look no further. Slow down and enjoy the dreamy landscapes and shots of the Mediterranean from Mallorca. The fairytale vibe will have you contemplating major travel plans.




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