10 Beautiful Subway Stations Around the World as Captured on Instagram

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Metropolitans spend huge amount of their time on daily subway trips, while urban Instagrammers rather take the time to look around and capture the subway systems’ architecture. It’s often worth getting underground when you are exploring a new city. Why? Check out and be pleasantly surprised in today’s post of awesome subway stations of the world.
(feature image by @rob.sese)


1. BurJuman Metro Station, Dubai, UAE
One of the busiest station of the Dubai Metro network, yet it’s worth taking your time and admire its aesthetics.


2. Canary Wharf Station, London, UK
For its architecture and aesthetic appeal, this tube station is regularly voted Londoners’ favourite.


3. City Hall Station, New York, US
Notwithstanding its architectural grandeur, this station has been abandoned for nearly 70 years.


4. Formosa Boulevard Station, Kaohsiung, Taiwan
Kaohsiung’s beautiful metro stations will make anyone excited to commute and brighten up their day.


5. Mayakovskaya Metro Station in Moscow, Russia
The Moscow Metro Subway System is the city’s gem of underground architecture, with several magnificent, classically-influenced stations.


6. Museum Station in Toronto, Canada
Located under the Royal Ontario Museum, the columns in Museum (TTC) stations in Toronto have been made to resemble iconic ancient artifacts.


7. Olaias Metro Station in Lisbon, Portugal
Another beautiful example of art and public transport going hand in hand.


8. Stadion and Solna Centrum Metro Stations in Stockholm, Sweden
Metro stations are a must-see when in Stockholm. Stadion and Solna Centrum metro stations are true works of art.


9. Szent Gellért Square Metro station in Budapest, Hungary
The swirling mosaic design of the interior provides a striking, vivid impression.


10. Toledo Metro Station in Naples, Italy
The Art Stations of Naples Metro are not only functional, but beautiful also.




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