20 Reasons To Stop And Look Up Around the World

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Take a moment to STOP, lift your head high and Look Up. In the midst of our daily hustle and bustle, we tend to forget to do so. Whilst looking up, we are awed at the skies, the negative spaces, the tall buildings and many other fascinating points of view. We shall explore the images by some of these talented artists through various viewpoints.
As if looking through our very own mind’s eye, enjoy walking through perspective with these stunning moments captured.
(featured image by @kimberleyfun in Hong Kong)


1. @mchklon – KL, Malaysia


2. @_nancy0_0 – London, UK


3. @spontaneityrules – Minneapolis, US


Every crowded city has its own range of tall buildings. Travelling through cityscapes all over the world from US to Europe and finally, to Asia.


4. @vistoassim – Chicago, US


5. @thelonelynoodle – Baku City, Azerbaijan


6. @ferdinandchoffray – Paris


7. @btkmajewski – Munich, Germany


8. @scientistsusann – Zurich


9. @phryne_sense – Japan


10. @z.h.o.o.t – Hong Kong


11. @koraninst – Jakarta, Indonesia


A perfect lookup isn’t complete without the right angle and an appropriate empty space. These accounts have some eye-catching moments from colored buildings to spiral staircases to minimalistic views.


12. @oliverparker – London, UK


13. @chrisclown – Paris


14. @nitinkumar.in – India


15. @franciscortega – Spain


16. @carlocafferini – Amsterdam


17. @david_sievers_photography – Sydney, Australia


18. @oliverzcohen – London, UK


19. @sck707 – Chicago, US


All of these images makes one feel that however hectic and mundane city life can be, one can make it quite exciting. These various artists have managed to encourage us to grab our phones, shape it up and start shooting.


20. @sim_sve – Copenhagen, Denmark





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