This Ridiculously Fluffy Dog Dressed Up as Taylor Swift at the Grammys

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You can’t look at this without smiling

Who wore it better: a beautiful, world-famous pop star or an absurd-looking chow chow?

The correct answer might just be the chow chow.

Last Monday, Taylor Swift appeared at the Grammys wearing a striking ensemble: an orange bandeau crop-top paired with a long fuchsia skirt with a dramatic, leg-baring slit. A few days later, a delightful one-year-old chow chow named Toby — known on Instagram as TobyPuff — sported a similar outfit. And he totally rocked it.


Tay-Tay looks pretty and all, but Toby clearly wore it better. Look at all that floof sticking out!

Taylor, if you’re out there, please put TobyPuff in your next music video.


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