Valentine’s Day 2016 All Around the World on Instagram

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Red roses, a box of chocolate, a hand-written love letter or a romantic getaway – there are so many ways of expressing your feelings to those who you love most on Valentine’s Day. Today we decided to take you on a lovely virtual trip around the globe to show you how the international day of love is celebrated all over the world.
(feature image by @natalyabramova)


1. London, UK


2. Crimea


3. Milan, Italy


4. Verona, Italy


5. Rome, Italy


6. Paris, France


7. Istanbul, Turkey


8. Moscow, Russia


9. Singapore


10. Philadelphia, US


11. Philadelphia, US


12. Portland, Oregon, US


13. Honolulu, Hawaii



This blog post was written by Beáta Kónya @beakonya. She is a PR professional and mobile photographer based in Budapest, Hungary. Born and raised in the Hungarian countryside, she loves capturing rural still life moments and strives for simplicity in her urban photos too. She is passionate about visual storytelling and tries to find those little moments we often miss as rushing through life.




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