12 Kenyan Instagrammers You Should be Following

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It’s easy to be of the predisposition that Africa is simply a place of poverty, safaris, and disease. However, there is more to this beautiful continent than the images shown on CNN. Take a moment. Step away from your everyday life and come down to the land of the amber sun, Kenya. View bustling cityscapes and wild savannas, and endless white-sand beaches. These are the photographers that show off Kenya’s beautiful places and some beautiful faces as well.
(feature image by @petersize10)


1. @jaydabliu
In a country of 40+ different ethnic tribes, and a multitude of people of different nationalities, Joe takes you all over the country to put you face to face with all the different kinds people you can encounter. Whether it be an artist in the city, or a young man tending to his family’s herd, Joe is there to show you it all.


2. @tintseh
Freeze a moment in time, and see how Dennis is able to capture the essence of any person in front of his lens. Capturing enchanting moments that make for long lasting memories.


3. @kraizee_willis
If fun in the sun on the shores of white sand beaches is the first thing you think of when you imagine the Kenyan Coast, this next photographer has a real twist for you. Take a moment to travel over to the coast of Kenya with Wangila and see how this photographer has a dark and moody take on coastal life.


4. @lafrohemien
Sarah brings her own Bohemian style with an added African flavor to create her Afrohemian Nomadic aesthetic. She creates very trendy and fashionable portraits that are also fun and vibrant. Her locations and subjects vary so much, you never know what’s coming next!


5. @wanzalla
Visiting Sebastian’s account will take you on a journey through nature. His ability to design really allows him to bring out the vibrant flowing colours in an artistic and creative way. One can get a sense of happiness from his work in my opinion.


6. @truthslinger
Like any major city, Nairobi never sleeps. In fact, it truly comes alive at night. We’re lucky to have such an amazing shooter like Mutua, who is up at all hours and probably on a rooftop to capture the beauty of what he likes to call Nairobae.


7. @thebongolese
When visiting Neema-Jodie’s page, one can feel a sense of power. Her approach in using film styled photography captures the lifestyle and point she is trying to convey. One might see her work as showcasing a more vintage and faded look while she tries her best to effectively play on the reality for what it is but also capture the beauty it brings.


8. @stevekitots
Steve is a lifestyle and travel photographer who aims to capture the moment as naturally as it comes. Whether it be photos of people, animals, or things, he finds a unique and special way to capture the beauty of everything.


9. @thanabster
Joseph takes you out of your busy schedule and puts you in the middle of a serene, minimalist setting. His vibrant photos fill your screen with intricate geometric patterns or artistically applied vengative space, providing for beautiful eye candy for the minimalist lover.


10. @petersize10
Peter’s photos have such a warm glow to them, it’s as if you can feel the equatorial sun hitting your face as you look at his photos. With styles ranging from portraiture to landscape and everything in between. You’re sure to have your heart warmed up with these breathtaking shots.


11. @the_mentalyst
Check out TJ as he bends light to show you just how his imagination interprets the world around him. You can find him up above on the rooftops or down below on beaches and the streets.


12. @namuks
Let’s talk about urban culture. When you browse through Will’s Instagram, you feel this sense of authentic urbanization coming right at you. It does not seem like he goes out of his way to locate this style of picture, as they come off so natural in every moment he captures. One can almost feel his passion for photography, as it shines bright like the luminous still images he composes.



This blog post was written by Mwangi (MG) Gatheca, a visual artist hailing from Nairobi, Kenya. An avid traveler and adventurer who is never more than arms reach from his camera. He currently resides in Ottawa, Canada where he spends his days pre-occupied with University life and Photography. You can see his work at @thirdworldhippy or contact him at mgathecha4@yahoo.com.




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