8 Instagram Accounts That Will Make You Visit Brooklyn, New York

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The city of Brooklyn –named after the Dutch town of Breukelen– is the most populous of New York City’s five boroughs. It used to be an independent metropolitan area until 1898, when it became part of the city. More than 100 years have passed since then and it still maintains a culture that’s different than the rest of the boroughs, thanks to its ethnic enclaves and incredibly diverse neighborhoods. Check out these 8 accounts that will have you planning a visit to Brooklyn afterwards.
(feature image by @travelinglens)


1. Chris Ozer @chrisozer
Chris is a Brooklyn-based artist that can capture the mood of this borough like no one else. Once you start following him you’ll want to put on your most comfortable shoes and go explore the streets and other public spaces of this city.


2. Jonathan Suarez @jmsuarez_
Follow Jonathan to discover some of the coolest and most interesting angles that Brooklyn has to offer. You will also have the opportunity to discover a bit more of the surrounding boroughs and points of interest that exists only a few minutes away.


3. Kurt Dee @kurtdee
The Brooklyn bridge, the Manhattan bridge and the Williamsburg bridge. These are some of the most famous structures that connect Brooklyn with the rest of the city. And many of the photos taken by Kurt have these structures as backdrop for his impressive images. When you start following him you’ll see why they are so attractive.


4. Vivienne Gucwa @travelinglens
If you think that some of the previous images don’t depict Brooklyn as a place with many colors then Vivienne will change your mind. Her account is filled some of the most beautiful and colorful spots you can discover in this borough, and her images will certainly make you forget of gray and gloomy days.


5. Athena Calderone @eyeswoon
Interior design enthusiasts will find beautifully decorated rooms –and mouth-watering dishes– in Athena’s feed. Check out her account to see a side of Brooklyn that will make you want to find your own place in this city and start tasting all her wonderful creations.


6. Brooklyn Museum @brooklynmuseum
The third largest museum in the City of New York deserves a special mention in this list. With permanent collections that represent the rich heritage present in Brooklyn, and also the history of the country, this institutions is constantly innovating and presenting new and eye-opening exhibits and events that can’t be missed.


7. Brooklyn Vegan @brooklynvegan
A blog about the music scene in Brooklyn and the rest of New York City turned into one of the most influential websites for promoting band and acts. If you love seeing new bands and also groups that are already famous, you must follow their Instagram account. Who knows, maybe you will be able to make it to one of the concerts they promote, since they usually post images and videos while they’re still happening.


8. Brooklyn Academy of Music @bam_brooklyn
Another important venue that constantly brings renowned artists and presents avant-garde performers, the Brooklyn Academy of Music is an institution that brings some of the best and cutting edge artists in the world. Their feed constantly features some of these guests and invites New Yorkers and visitors to their beautiful building located right in the center of Brooklyn.





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