Animals are total jerks

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Animals can be very cute, but they can be vindictive at the same time. Sure, dogs will cuddle up with you on the sofa and turtles might seem harmless, but this is a disguise. Most animals are just like humans and wait for that opportune moment to unleash their “jerkness”. The following series is a funny list of animals being hilariously disrespectful. We had so much fun finding these animals being total jerks without a specific reason.

Let’s watch these 10 vindictive animals…

This bullying rabbit.

Animals are total jerks - Rabbit
Stop the thief!

This lioness who was like, “there’s room for more in this car”.

Animals are total jerks - Lioness
Lion terrifies family

This damn mouse that won’t just leave this poor guy ALONE.

Animals are total jerks - Mouse retaliates
What goes around, comes around

This dog that won’t stop hitting this cat.

Animals are total jerks - dog slams cat with tail
Ouch, ouch, ouch, etc…

This monkey that totally just stole that woman’s treat.

Animals are total jerks - Monkey steals bag
Hey, that’s my bag

This crow that is rude to this dog.

Animals are total jerks - Crow picks tail
Jump, jump!

This shark that is looking for an easy meal.

Animals are total jerks - Shark bites boat
I am coming for you!

This turtle who doesn’t give a shit about that other turtle.

Animals are total jerks - Turtle doesn't give a shit
Move over, you’re in my comfort zone!

This fox who didn’t even ASK if he could have that guy’s wallet.

Animals are total jerks - Fox steals wallet
Hey, that’s my wallet

This RUDE fish who just attacked this man for no good reason.

Animals are total jerks - Fish hits man
Get out of my pond

As you can see, not all animals are sweet and innocent. Animals are total jerks, for sure! Wanna see more? Go to and see more examples of animals being total jerks.



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