Instagram’s Latest Change Will Make Everyone Happy

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Instagram is about to make a major upgrade, and it will change the way you go back and look at old posts. The social media site recently started rolling out a feature that’ll showcase when a post was uploaded, not in weeks or in days but with the actual date.

The news is bound to please diehard users of the photo app and it’s definitely got us excited too. After all, seeing an actual date along with a very old picture makes it way easier to find out or even remember when something was taken!

“Timestamps will now show the full dates for posts over a week old. Find them under the comments on all posts,” Instagram wrote in an upload earlier this week.

But according to E! News, there’s one small catch. While the new date feature might be nifty, it looks as though for now, we’ll only see the date on photos that appear when using Instagram on an app. If you happen to be browsing through old photos on your computer, you’ll still see older posts listed as being taken a number of weeks ago however, the date and timestamp for the post will appear when you hover over it.


feature image: Raymond Wong/Mashable




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