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If you’re new to Instagram, let us introduce you to feature accounts! You can read all about them in this previous article of ours. If you’re not an Instagram newbie, then you know that keeping up with the latest and most popular feature accounts is still a bit of a task. With the help of @ericmarkdo, we have curated some of the best at the moment for you to start following and tagging. Check them out below and let us know if we’ve left out any great ones to include in a sequel post!
(feature image by @zckrf)


1. @agameoftones – Just like their name, this account is all about beautiful colors and tones.


2. @symmetricalmonsters – For the symmetry obsessed, this account will calm all your OCD needs.


3. @big_shotz –  This account features all types of photos from all over the world.


4. @thecreatorclass – For those who are passionate about creating beautiful imagery, This account has weekly challenges to keep you active too.


5. @exklusive_shot – This account loves outdoor shots, but they aren’t exclusive to them.


6. @stellerstories – If your photos tell a cool story, this account is for you!


7. @portraitpage – An account dedicated to creative and artistic portraits, created by @ericmarkdo!


8. @createexplore – This account is all about collaboration of sight & sound. Tag both #createexplore and #createexploretakeover!


9. @artofvisuals – Aiming to inspire people through visuals. They also offer a really cool magazine.


10. @mobilemag – Another cool magazine that features awesome shots!


11. @streetdreamsmag – For street photography lovers. They too have a magazine!


12. @justgoshoot – One of INK361’s longest partners in grammin’. This account aims to give exposure to talented and underrated photographers.


13. @way2ill_ – Another one of INK361’s partners and created by @ericmarkdo!


14. @hotshotz_ – This account features 3 times a day, so start tagging!


15. @nightimages – You guessed it, an account for night photography lovers!


16. @nightphotography – Start tagging #nightphotography while you’re at it. This is another awesome night photography account.


17. @thevisualscollective – Aiming to inspire storytelling through photographs. Their hashtag is #exploretocreate.


18. @chasing_rooftops – For those who dare to climb up high for that shot, the best get featured here. Live vicariously though this account!


19. @passionpassport –  Temporarily cure that wanderlust and follow this ultimate traveling feature account.


20. @thepeoplescreatives – This account features all types of images and from all over. Creativity is the only criteria!


21. @instagood – Another great account that features all kinds of shots.


22. @jjcommunity – This account is the first and largest global photo community on Instagram! They offer daily challenges.


23. @livefolk – This account focuses on travel and adventure. Tag your photos with #lifeofadventure to join in.


24. @discoverearth – This massive account with over 2 million followers is dedicated to featuring the most awesome photos of our planet.





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